This week in Yu-Gi-Oh! – 24/10 & 28/10 & 07/11/2021

“What is a week, but actually three weeks, lost in an endless addiction to Irn Brew.”

This is a consolidation of both the previous week, as well as the two before it as I’d been on vacation in Scotland. While I had access to a laptop up there, I wasn’t exactly going to be spending time focusing on Yu-Gi-Oh when I was visiting someone special to me. So this article is to catch up back up, so we can resume normal weekly posting next week.

Mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! – TCG

We have events again? These last 3 weeks have seen both regionals restarting in the United Kingdom, along with the announcement of a YCS in both NA and Europe. Along with this, we’ve had Maximum Gold reveals including the best artwork in Yugioh History. (I said it)

New YCS Announced for Jan 2022

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon Giveaway


[BODE] Full Set Spoiler!

OTS Tournament Pack 18

Maximum Gold: El Dorado


2022 Ghosts from the Past Announcement


[Speed Duel] Skill Erratas

Mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! – OCG

Mostly a quiet period following the release of the new Battle of Chaos Set, aside from a few Duelist Pack reveals. 

[BACH]  Final Revisions and Overview of Set


Nefil Asylum Heth Knight

Kairyu Shin – Leviathan


[Rulings Update]

Battle of Chaos


Duel Links

Standard cleaning house on the banlist, along with a new mini box including D/D/D Support. 

Forbidden / Limited List (November 2021)

Upcoming Updates for November


[Mini Box 36] Idea of Armageddon


Duelist Road – Dark Side of Dimensions

Yugioh’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Rush Duel

KP07 is finally finished, with news cycling onto GRP1. As always, this section will be kinda big as Rush is the most steady with their reveals. 



The Rest of the Cards



First Cards Revealed

Gyakutenno Megamis (and Artwork)

Secret Order

Ether Finder



Mach Mega Falcon

New Fusion Promo



Episode 70 Summary
Cards from Episode 70

Episode 71 Summary
Cards from Episode 71

Episode 72 Summary
Cards from Episode 72

Episode 73 Summary

Community Articles 

Creative Deck Profiles

Galvanised Gouki

Fliptastic Prediction Princess Tindangle

3-Axis Djinn Symphony, ft. Dream Mirror

Transonic Ritual Dogmatika

Vampire’s Diablerie

Deep Ursartic Atlantean

ABC through XYZ Spells Ojama

Gaia the Fierce Black Luster Soldier, ft. Kaiza the Burial Star

Aesir, Ascendants of the Nordic Relics


TCGplayer Infinite Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode Decks

Yubel’s Advanced Crystal Beasts

Yami Bakura’s Occult Deck

Yugo’s Speedroids


Road of the King – OCG Metagame Reports

Week #3

Week #4

Week #5

Final Notes 

Thank you for reading This has been your (kinda!) weekly update on the happenings on with this game. I apologize for the lack of posts the last two weeks, as both preparing for my trip and also actually enjoying it, but these posts should return to standard from now on. The reference image for this week is concept art of Swordsoul of Mo Ye, which can be found here.

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While we normally stay detached from community affairs, I wish to just inform people that Hailey is back on yugioh twitter again. Hailey was a fairly popular shitposter in the community before they got hacked and disappeared for a bit. This is just letting people know so they can follow her new account at @regret_mech if they wish.

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