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[Duel Links] Yu-Gi-Oh’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

We’re getting a triple-feature for this campaign, with Accessories featuring battles from the manga.

First off, are the freebies that Duel Links is giving away in-game.

  1. A 1-time gift of 500 Gems for each player who logs in between today (November 4) and December 31 this year.
  2. A Skill Ticket, for players who manage to complete 5 PvP Duels between now and November 30 this year, regardless of victory or defeat, but without surrendering or disconnecting. (This reward must be claimed from the Event Missions menu.)
    For players that complete this mission, 1000 of them will be randomly chosen to receive 500 Gems, while an additional 50 players will be randomly chosen to receive 5000 Gems.
  3. A collection of 7 Card Tickets that can be earned by logging in on 7 separate days during the campaign.

Second, is the chance to vote for Card Sleeves / Game Mats to be added in-game, by choosing from one of 21 “monster vs. monster” options from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

Gaia vs. Castle of Dark Illusions
My unsolicited opinion is for Gaia vs. Castle.
Yes, Yugi’s Skull Servant did battle Kaiba’s Battle Ox in the manga. Give it a read.

A player’s vote will only be counted if they are at Stage 10 or higher in DM World, and it can only be cast once, but with the option to change one’s mind by casting a vote again (which will override one’s previous vote). The voting period for this lasts until Nov 30 (6:59 AM PST). The top 3 voted options will be announced on Dec 6 (9 PM PST), and be added in-game around January 2022.

And last, is a special in-game sale at uniquely discounted prices, for about 1 week (ending November 11):


  • A standard-fare “Packs + Gems” bundle sale for all BOXes / Mini-BOXes.
  • The option to buy 25 packs from a BOX / Mini-BOX (one-time only per product) for 8 USD, and the follow-up option to buy 50 packs from the same product (one-time only, each) for 15 USD. This is quite a better deal than the usual sale offers.
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