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Cards the TCG has the OCG doesn’t (yet)

For Yu-Gi-Oh!, TCG and OCG (and for a while, even the Korean OCG) each have their own World Premiere cards. The OCG WP cards (as well as promos) are listed in the OCG-only list. This list will list the all the current TCG cards which have not made it to Japan yet.


Baby Mudragon
Beetrooper Assault Roller
Beetrooper Light Flapper
Beetrooper Scale Bomber
Beetrooper Scout Buggy
Beetrooper Sting Lancer
Colonel on C-String
D.D. Assault Carrier
Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune
Libromancer Agent
Libromancer Fire
Libromancer Geek Boy
Libromancer Magigirl
Night Sword Serpent
Rock Scales
Tyler the Great Warrior

Libromancer Doombroker
Libromancer Fireburst
Libromancer Firestarter
Libromancer Mystigirl

Patissciel Couverture
The Great Double Casted Caster
Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules

Navy Dragon Mech
Night’s End Administrator

Abyss Keeper
Beetrooper Armor Horn
Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas
Ra’ten, the Heavenly General

Beetrooper Descent
Beetrooper Formation
Beetrooper Landing
Get Your Game On!

Heritage of the Light
Libromancer Bonded
Libromancer First Appearance

Libromancer Realized
Sol and Luna
Zektrike Kou-ou

Apex Predation
Backup Team
Beetrooper Fly & Sting
Beetrooper Squad
D.D.D. – Different Dimension Derby
Libromancer Displaced
Libromancer Intervention
Libromancer Prevented
Omega Judgment