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[Duel Links] Upcoming Updates for November

[Early November]

  • “Yu-Gi-Oh!” 25th Anniversary Campaign!
  • There will be a campaign to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” manga! Don’t miss out!
  • Duelist Road: The Dark Side of Dimensions
  • Duelist Road returns with a story based on DSOD!
  • Proceed through the event to get the new UR card “Final Geas” and the new SR card “Metamorphortress“!
  • “And we will create a bright future together!”
  • Duel Links Mission Research
  • Work with other players to complete Research Missions, and get rewards including the new SR card “Flash Knight“!

[Mid November]

  • KC Cup Announcement
  • 1st Stage: Nov 16 2021 – Nov 29 2021
  • 2nd Stage: Nov 26 2021 – Nov 29 2021
  • Duel with Duelists around the world and become the very best!
  • Tour Guide’s Mission Bingo
  • Complete Tour Guide’s Mission Bingo to get rewards such as Gems and cards!

[Late November]

  • Event Exclusive Legendary Duelists are coming to the Gate!
  • Both new players and players who missed out on unlocking the event-exclusive Legendary Duelists before will now be able to challenge and unlock them at the Gate!
  • The Duelist added to the Gate is Primo! This is your chance to obtain the Skill “Wisel Combined!” for Duelists who have not already obtained it!

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