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[Duel Links] Duelist Road Dark Side of Dimensions

Duelist Road returns to Duel Links, now featuring Dark Side of Dimensions!

Spin the Roulette and Duel! And get the new UR card “Final Geas“!

Use Duel Memories to Play roulette and duel to move squares and obtain prizes such as rarity stones, gems and coins. You can also collect all of the Fragments from the various areas to get a special Game Mat!

On top of that, by completing Area 6, which will be added after Nov 10, you can get Seto Kaiba (DSOD)’s new Skill!

Duel Memories can be obtained through:

  • Duels against Legendary Duelists (Duelists at the Gate not included)
  • Duels against Standard Duelists
  • Duels against the Vagabond
  • Ranked Duels (Event Missions)

For this event, Duels in Area 2 – 4 and Area 6 will be Dimension Duels!

Lottery Rewards Cards

  • Final Geas
  • Cubic Ascension
  • Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth
  • Metamorphortress
  • Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast
  • Magician’s Valkyria
  • Ancient Rules
  • Dice Re-Roll
  • Hidden Soldiers
  • Flame Swordsman
  • Gamble
  • Sword Arm of Dragon
  • Pendulum Machine
  • Gyakutenno Megami
  • Red Archery Girl
  • Saggi the Dark Clown

The event will be ongoing until November 16. Enjoy the event!

Kyrie Devles

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