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This week in Yu-Gi-Oh! – 17/10/2021

“Sometimes, I think this community is a little too pessimistic about upcoming product.”

Technically, this weekly article should have mentioned the Blue-Eyes support revealed last Sunday. However, I took an exception to my usual order to include that in the earlier one, as Blue-Eyes support is just extremely hype. Rather, good Blue-Eyes support is amazing. I know that Yu-Gi-Oh players can be a little jaded by how it feels like Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician keep getting support, but both decks still had a lot of issues. This new Blue-Eyes support actually helps the deck function, even if I wonder if perhaps it needs a little bit more of a push to get it on the same level as Dark Magician.

Speaking of anime decks getting a needed boost? Marincess received a huge boost in the new Duelist Pack, to the point the archetype finally feels like it works. With several amazing new starters, the deck just flows like it never has before.

But while Japan is starting to receive drips of insight into the WATER Duelist Pack, the WIND Synchro Storm set has been fully revealed and is ready to sweep away the TCG meta with several powerful cards such as the new Lyrilusc support and Baronne de Fleur. Leaving a scene ready for BODE to burst into the metagame on 5th November and hopefully shake things up a little.

Mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! – TCG

Synchro Storm news, along with the confirmation we’re getting Albaz Strike. No word yet on the Utopia structure deck, although it might have been delayed due to Alba having huge lore importance. 

[LED8] Synchro Storm contents revealed!

[SD43] Yes, TCG is getting Alba Strike as a Structure

Mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! – OCG

BACH is now finally finished, with a few anticipated reveals including the final member of the Charmer link cycle. I think we also got a new Sky Striker card also? I don’t know. I saw Marincess cards sometime on Wednesday and I’ve been swept away for the rest of the week gushing about the deck.


The S-Force Reinforcements

New Dogmatika Ritual

Dharc the Dark Charmer, Umbral

The rest of BACH

[DP26] Marincess Support

[SD43] First Cards of Alba Strike (Again, yes: We’re getting this)

[SSB1] Strategic Striker – H.A.M.P. and Reprints & An example of Sky Striker goodies to go with it! 

[VJMP] Chronicle Magician 

[History Archive Collection]  Reprint Set Announced for February


[Rulings Update] 10/15/21

Rush Duel

Back Beat, the word is on the street that a whole bunch of more Rush News is out. I’d likely make a “Nice” joke somewhere here, if I wasn’t scared of Ark removing my contributor perms.



Brave of Chaos, Lydacross Ash

Hunter of Titan

Back Beat

New EARTH Machine Support

Super Magibase Magnum Overbase


[Deck Modification Pack] Genesis Road!! Announced!


[Anime] Cards from Episode 69

[Manga] Armsoul Dragon Gygias

Community Articles 

Creative Deck Profiles

Dangerous Evolzar Dinos

Super Quantum P.U.N.K

Soaring Blackwing Simorgh


Quick Deck Build

Marincess Reloaded


Org Staff TCGplayer Infinite Articles

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode Decks: Playmaker’s Firewall Dragon Darkfluid


Road of the King – OCG Metagame Reports = Week #1 & #2

Final Notes 

Thank you for reading This has been your weekly update on the happenings on with this amazing game, summarizing our posts in a lighthearted way to help catch up on product information. The image for today’s article image, is reference art of Cosmocroix the Icejade Imperatrix which you may find here.

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