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This week in Yu-Gi-Oh! – 10/10/2021

I know I normally cut these out before the Sunday, but like: Blue-Eyes Hype!

This week (and a bit) has been, really exciting for myself. It’s been one where a lot of my favourite decks have gotten support, with Dream Mirror arguably being playable now, and an Ursartic card that is extremely cool. We’ve also had a look at an new product in Japan this Christmas, the upcoming Secret Shiny Box including our favourite yuri couples and polycule.

In the west, more duelists are cracking open their boxes of the new megatins, and the Cyber Strike Structure Deck has reprinted the competitive staple Infinite impermanence, leaving a perfect time for people to try out the tournament scene.

Finally, news on the upcoming Cross-Duel game, which you may find here.

Mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! – TCG

Just the full structure deck list. 

[SDCS] The Full Cyber Strike Deck List

Mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! – OCG

Bach is slowly rounding out now, with a whole bunch of cards revealed this week.


Kaiza the Burial Star

Chaos Nephthys

Dinoruffia Archetype

Free Agent Cards

Myutant Mutator

General Legacy Support

New Clear World (Downbeat Variant)

Skill Chestnut Magician

New Magnet Warrior & XYZ Card

Monster Rebirth

Floowandereeze Support Card


New D/D Cards

New Blue-Eyes Stuff (And it’s actually good)

Guardian Chimera



Mako Tsunami Support!


[Secret Shiny Box] Initial Announcement

Cross Duel

Some information from the beta, helping us know what to expect.  

Rush Duel


[SEVENS Summary] Episode 69



Pierce-Enforcing Brave

Mezame the Oni Commander

Aegis of the Five Houses

Community Articles 

Creative Deck Profiles

Dark Magician – Experimenting with new BACH Support

Starry Knight of Destruction

Crusadia Sky Striker

Final Notes 

Thank you for reading This has been our weekly summary (plus a bit extra), helping you stay caught up to the news of this game we all love.

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