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[BACH] Myutant Mutator

The origin of Myutant…?

BACH-JP019 Hen’itai Myutria (Mutant Myutria / Myutant Mutator)
Level 1 WATER Psychic Effect Monster
You can only use the 1st and 2nd effect of this card’s name each once per turn.
(1) If you control a “Myutant” card: You can Special Summon this card from your hand.
(2) You can Tribute this card, then banish 1 “Myutant” card from your hand or Deck; Special Summon 1 monster from your hand or Deck, based on the banished card, and if you do, you lose LP equal to that monster’s original ATK.
● Monster: “Myutant Beast” ● Spell: “Myutant Mist” ● Trap: “Myutant Arsenal”


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