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This week in Yu-Gi-Oh! – 03/10/2021

“I’m your venus, I’m your fire, Your desire.”

This week, has been a fun one for Yu-Gi-Oh! With new banlists in place and people adapting to the meta,  Prank-Kid Players being added to the WWF Endangered Species list in the west, and the megatins releasing? It’s been almost like an interesting calm before the storm. Cross-Out Designator has finally arrived in the west, adding a major tool for combo decks to help defend themselves against hand traps (Yes, there is a Six Samurai article in the works about this), while Japan is in full swing with Phantom Knights Brave seizing an even greater foothold.

Moreover, we’ve had a huge swath of information on the upcoming Master Duels simulator, with a confirmed release date of this upcoming Winter.

Naturally, as a brit who existed when World Chalice won our Nationals, I’m obligated to go nuts about a retrain of The Agent of Creation – Venus. So, that’s my personal highlight of the week.

Mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! – TCG

A big load of information, including confirmations that there will be an accessible Impermanence soon enough!

Back to Duel Press Release! 

Mainline Yu-Gi-Oh! – OCG

More BACH news, including an exciting new form of the main Agent everyone remembers!


Dark Dimension Soldier


Agent of Destruction – Venus

Spiriting-Away Onibimaru


[Rulings] World Premiere Pack 2021 Rulings

Master Duel

Plenty of information about the new simulator coming out this Winter!

Release Date for Master Duel Vaguely Confirmed

The Full Master Duel Stream


Details from Famitsu Demo Report

Demos of the Solo Play Storylines

Gems in Master Duel

Duel Links

Details about the rest of the Arc-V World Update

Forbidden/Limited List Update and Skill Rebalancing


Structure Deck: Magicians Arc

Main Box 36: Pendulum Genesis

Rush Duel

It’s been asked why Rush features on the site a lot. The reason for this is just where Konami tends to be steady with releases for this format, while Master Duels tend to be dumped all at once. But, with the dub on the way? Perhaps now is the time to start looking into this fun format!

[SEVENS Summary] Episode 68

Sevens Dub Confirmed for the West!



More of Yujin’s Cards

Mountain Storm Dragon



[BP08] Full Texts from the Database

[Promo] Next Saikyo Jump Promo

[Saikyo Battle Royale] DLC Updates!


[Anime] Cards from Episode 67

Community Articles 

Creative Deck Profiles

Creative Deck Strategy Showdown 7! 

True King Swordsoul

Harpie Lady Elegance, ft. Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Fearsome Fire Blast


Org Staff TCGplayer Infinite Articles

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode Decks: Ai’s @Ignister Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode Decks: Adrian Gecko’s Exodia Cloudian Deck


Road of the King – OCG Metagame Reports = Week #0

Final Notes 

Thank you for reading This is the continuation of an article series I started last week. I apologize for any errors in the article, and that I didn’t have time to list all the exciting new merchandise Konami has revealed this week: These previous few days have been exhausting.

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