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[RD/BP03] Full Texts from the Database

Really, Heavy Levelling Roller and Haniwaffle is the only really ‘new’ ones.

RD/BP03-JP001 炎の剣士 Honoo no Kenshi (Flame Swordsman) (UR/SR/N)
Level 5 FIRE Warrior-Type Fusion Monster
ATK 1800
DEF 1600
Fusion Materials: “Flame Manipulator” + “Masaki the Legendary Swordsman”

RD/BP03-JP002 魔界の機械兵 Makai no Kikaihei (Cyber Soldier of Darkworld) (SR/N)
Level 4 DARK Machine-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1400
DEF 1200
(A mechanical soldier that won’t stop attacking until all life readings have been extinguished from its sensors.)
(Literal: A mechanical soldier forged by the power of darkness. It rampages, destroying any foe in its path.)

RD/BP03-JP003 ヘビー・コンダラー Heavy Condaller (Heavy Leveling Roller) (SR/N)
Normal Spell Card
[Requirement] You can activate this by sending 1 monster (FIRE) from your hand to the Graveyard.
[Effect] Draw 1 card. If there is a face-up Field Spell Card on the field, you can also draw 1 card.

RD/BP03-JP004 Umi (SR/N) (Reprint)
RD/BP03-JP005 Mountain (SR/N) Reprint

RD/BP03-JP006 Honey Haniwaffle (N)
Level 2 EARTH Pyro-Type Normal Monster
ATK 800
DEF 200
(A dish created in order to stop a food crisis. A shrill voice shrieks from its sweet tasting mask.)

RD/BP03-JP007 炎を操る者 Honooo wo Ayatsurumono (Flame Manipulator) (N)
Level 3 FIRE Spellcaster-Type Normal Monster
ATK 900
DEF 1000
(This Spellcaster attacks enemies with fire-related spells such as “Sea of Flames” and “Wall of Fire”.)

RD/BP03-JP008 隻眼のホワイトタイガー Sekigan no White Tiger (The One-Eyed White Tiger/The All-Seeing White Tiger) (N)
Level 3 WIND Beast-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1300
DEF 500
(A proud ruler of the jungle that some fear and others respect.)

RD/BP03-JP009 伝説の剣豪 MASAKI Densetsu no Kengo MASAKI (Masaki the Legendary Swordsman) (N)
Level 4 EARTH Warrior-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1100
DEF 1100
(Legendary swordmaster Masaki is a veteran of over 100 battles.)
(Literal: A Legendary swordmaster who is said to have slain a hundred people.)

RD/BP03-JP010 スパイクシードラ Spike Seadra (N)
Level 5 WATER Sea Serpent-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1600
DEF 1300
(Using the spikes sprouting from its body, this creature stabs its opponents and floods them with electricity.)



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