This week in Yu-Gi-Oh! – 26/09/2021

Banlist week is usually an interesting time in the TCG. Players excited by change to the format, adapting their decks, and figuring out if they want to switch to another. This time, has been… that for Prank-Kid and Zoodiac players at least.

This week, Konami announced that TCG product will be releasing in waves for the upcoming future, ensuring all distributors have some product even if they might have everything at once.

Master Duel – TCG

Banlist, product release information, and OTS reprints!

October 1, 2021 Forbidden & Limited List!

Update from Konami on Product Releases


OTS Tournament Pack 17

“Flundereeze” archetype confirmed to be localized as “Floowandereeze”

Master Duel – OCG

Just mostly imports from the TCG into the OCG. These get listed on the site as we have a lot of OCG readers who don’t understand Japanese, but do understand English, located in regions such as the Phillipines.



Periallis, Empress of Blossoms Import

The Remaining Cards

Duel Links

With Arc-V world releasing next Tuesday, Konami has given us YGOrganization direct information about what you can expect!

Press Release : Arc – V swings into Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links!


ARC-V World Advance Notice!

Upcoming Updates for October


For some reason, the following new trailer is still unlisted on Youtube, but has been posted on several Social Media platforms such as Twitter.

Rush Duel

It’s been asked why Rush features on the site a lot. The reason for this is just where Konami tends to be steady with releases for this format, while Master Duels tend to be dumped all at once.

[SEVENS Summary] Episode 67 



Kimeluna Alternative Art

More Akagi Ice Cream Promos



Yujin’s Sea Serpents

Gakuto’s New Fusion! (And Fusion Material)

Romin’s New Fusion! (And Fusion Material)

Necroman III

New Pyro Support



[Anime] Cards from Episode 66

[Manga] Cards from Chapter 13


Community Articles 

Creative Deck Profiles

Fortune Fairy from Another Dimension

Pure D-Force: Destiny HEROes Unite!

Final Notes 

Thank you for reading This is a new series I plan to keep running each week, summarizing the past week from the Sunday before to Saturday. Condensing everything that happened into one easy article for you to flick through.

The featured image for this article is reference art for Whispark Fairy Girl.

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