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[RD/KP07] New Pyro Support

Including a Ninja Fusion!


RD/KP07-JP008 万能調味査察官 Taste Inspector
Level 3 FIRE Pyro-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1300
(A pro taste tester who is experienced in the ways of the world, knowing its bitterness and sweetness. She does not judge dishes, except by the quality of their flavor.)

RD/KP07-JP009 火麺特忍ニクマシゴックブート Kamen Tokunin Nikumashi Gockboot (Masked Fiery Noodle Tokunin Nikumashi Gockboot)
Level 9 FIRE Pyro-Type Fusion Effect Monster:
ATK 2900
Materials: “Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Kaedama Gockboot” + “Taste Inspector”
[Requirement] You can activate this during the Main Phase this card was Special Summoned.
[Effect] Inflict 1000 damage to your opponent. Draw 1 card. If you drew with this effect, you can also choose up to 1 “Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Heartburn-Inducing Pork Roast Fat” and 1 “Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Drawing-Out-The-Richness Reveal” each in your Graveyard and Set them in your Spell & Trap Card Zone.

Notes: Tokunin I think is is like Special Forces. Nikumashi means “To hate/detest”, but I think it’s also a play on “extra serving/helping of meat”

RD/KP07-JP051 火麺ドローっと濃厚返しの術 Kamen Drawtto Noukougaeshi no Jutsu (Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Drawing-Out-The-Richness Reversal)
Normal Spell Card
[Requirement] You can activate this by sending cards from your hand to the Graveyard, up to the number of Normal Monsters (Pyro-Type) in your Graveyard.
[Effect] Draw cards equal to [The number of cards send to the Graveyard for this effect’s requirement]. If you control a face-up Normal Monster (Pyro-Type), you can also draw 1 card.


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