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[RD/KP07] Gakuto’s New Fusion! (And Fusion Material)

Yamiruler evolves to even greater heights, becoming divine. (And airsurfs on his fan.)

RD/KP07-JP001 戦天女ハリキリー Ikusa Tennyo Harikyrie (Valkyrian Needlekyrie/Valkyrian Sewkyrie)
Level 1 LIGHT Fairy-Type Normal Monster
DEF 1400
(A servant of the gods who stitches and sews the way forward. She can illuminate the darkness.)

Note: This card’s name is a pun on Needle/Sewing (Hari), Valkyrie and High Spirits and Enthusiastic (Harikiri).

RD/KP07-JP036 天翔流麗ヤメテラス Tenshou Ruler Yameterasu (Yameterasu the Rising Ruler/Yamiterasu the Divine Delayer)
Level 9 LIGHT Celestial Warrior-Type Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 3000
DEF 3000
Materials: “Yamiruler the Dark Delayer” + “Valkyrian Sewkyrie”
[Requirement] You can activate this by sending the top card of your Deck to the Graveyard.
[Choice Effect]
• Until the end of the opponent’s next turn, while this card is face-up, this card gains 500 ATK and neither player can Special Summon monsters (Level 9 or lower) in face-up Attack Position.
• Change the position of 1 monster on the field.

Note: Tenshou means literally “Soaring” (as referring to something spiritual or a Kami doing so). It possibly can also be playing on part of the title of Amaterasu (天照皇大神), there’s also some possible referencing to legal stamps (Japanese versions of signatures) and reincarnation here, but let’s not go too deep.



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