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October 1, 2021 Forbidden & Limited List [TCG]

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose. It is time to Forbid and Limit.

The next update after this will be no sooner than January 17th, 2022.

The previous (July 1, 2021) list will remain in effect until October 1, 2021.

To Be Forbidden:
Zoodiac Barrage (Was Limited)

To Be Limited:
Eva (New)
Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu (New)
Fire Formation – Tenki (New)

To Be Semi-Limited:
Danger! Nessie! (Was Limited)
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker (Was Limited)
Emergency Teleport (Was Limited)

To Be Unlimited:
Double Iris Magician (Was Semi-Limited)

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