Rush Duel Saikyo Battle Royale Updates

The DLC You’ve Been Waiting For

Blurb 1

Update 1: Version 1.1.0 – “Dynamic Eternal Live!!” (RD/KP05) and “Battle Pack vol.1” (RD/BP01) cards will be added

Update 2: Version 1.2.0 – “Maximum Ultra Evolution Pack” (RD/MAX2) and “Battle Pack vol.2” (RD/BP02)

Update 3: Version 1.3.0 – Details Will Be Revealed Later

Blurb 2

“Dynamic Eternal Live!!” (RD/KP05) and “Battle Pack vol.1” (RD/BP01) cards included.

It’ll be released in November 2021!

Improved Online Battle Tempo

The tempo of Internet and Local Duels, the Dueling Tempo Speed will be improved, but only options used by Players 1 and 2 will be applied.

Change To When You Can Edit Decks

A secret command will be added that will let you edit your Deck, which previously couldn’t be done until the main story was completed (which roughly would take 10 hours). However this is a feature for experienced players only. If you still lack confidence, don’t use it.

In-Game Mission Balance Readjustment

The balance of in-game missions will be adjusted to make them easier to complete. One specific example is it’ll be made super easy to get Duelist Avatars, so get the Duelist Avatar of your favorite character to use for Online and Local Duels.

Confirm The Cards On The Field During The Opponent’s Turn
Add Friends For Internet Battles
Correcting The Order For Checking Graveyard Cards
Other Various Bugs and Fixes



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