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[Master Duel] Details from Famitsu Demo Report

It seems to have a Legacy of the Duelist esque Story Mode. But for the cards.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Famitsu Demo Report at the Tokyo Game Show (Based on PS5 Version)

There is a non-Online Solo Player mode, that seems to have Story Scenarios based on the storylines of the various themes in Yu-Gi-Oh!, with the one being played by the reporter at the event being “World Legacy”. Clear missions to progress through the storyline. (Also we can tell Duel Terminal is another Storyline available)

In these scenario settings, you are able to use prebuilt Decks. For example, with the “World Chalice” group fighting against the “Krawlers”, you can use a “World Chalice” Deck.

You can display the details of cards by moving the cursor to a card and pressing the L2 Button on the PS5 controller, or using a shortcut option of R1 and any button.

Konami has indicated that the smartphone versions are being optimized to have as quick as play as the console versions.

Suzuki Shunsuke-san, handling PR, has politely stated there is no information currently about Cross-Play, but people should look forward to future details.

Release Date: Undecided


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