[RD/KP07] Mezame the Oni Commander

Warriors in Rush get their own Phoenix Dragon!

RD/KP07-JP015 鬼将メザメ Kishou Mezame (Mezame the Oni Commander)
Level 1 DARK Warrior-Type Effect Monster
DEF 200
[Requirement] During the turn this card is Normal Summoned, if your opponent controls a face-up monster (2500 or more ATK), you can activate this.
[Effect] Choose 1 monster (Level 7 or higher/Warrior-Type) in your Graveyard and add it to your hand. During this turn, monsters (1900 DEF or lower) you control cannot attack.

Note: Mezame means “Wake up/Awaken”. Kishou sounds like “Get out of bed”/”Wake up”. Basically “Get the hell out of bed.”. Maybe something like Mezame the Wicked Waker?


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