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Kaiza the Burial Star [BACH-JP022]

Another Kachidoki card?!

Chisousei Kaiza / Kaiza the Burial Star
Level 5 EARTH Warrior Effect Monster
ATK 1000
DEF 2100
You can Special Summon only once per turn using the way written in the (1) effect with this card’s name.
You can use the (2) effect with this card’s name only once per turn.
(1) You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by Tributing 1 LIGHT or EARTH Warrior monster, and if you do, this card gains ATK equal to the Tributed monster’s original ATK.
(2) You can banish 1 Warrior monster from your GY; send 1 LIGHT or EARTH Warrior monster from your Deck to the GY.


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