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[BACH] A New Dogmatika Ritual Pair

And Lo, the second of White emerged, and the second sign was cast, and the second seal was undone.

BACH-JP035 凶導の白聖骸 Dragma no Albus Saint (OCG: Albus Saint of Dragma/TCG: White Exalted of Dogmatika)
Level 4 LIGHT Spellcaster Ritual Effect
ATK 500
DEF 2500
LV4 500/2500
You can Ritual Summon this card with “Dogmatikabre”. You can only use the 3rd effect of this card’s name once per turn.
(1) If this card is Ritual Summoned: You can target 2 face-up monsters on the field; 1 of them gains ATK equal to the other’s.
(2) Your Level 8 or higher “Dogmatika” monsters cannot be destroyed by battle.
(3) If a monster(s) is Special Summoned from your opponent’s Extra Deck: You can look at your opponent’s Extra Deck, and if you do, send 1 monster from it to the GY.

Note: Her Kanji reads as 凶導の白聖骸 “The White Holy Corpse of the Heretical Path”

BACH-JP054 凶導の葬列 Dragmacabre (Dogmatikabre)
Ritual Spell Card
This card can be used to Ritual Summon any “Dogmatika” Ritual Monster. You can only activate 1 card with this card’s name per turn.
(1) Ritual Summon 1 “Dogmatika” Ritual Monster from your hand or GY, by Tributing monsters from your hand or field and/or banishing Fusion or Synchro Monsters from your GY, whose total Levels equal or exceed the Level of the Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon, then, if both “White Knight of Dogmatika” and “White Exalted of Dogmatika” are on the field, you can look at either Extra Deck, and if you do, send 1 monster from it to the GY.

Note: The Kanji in its name reads “Heretical Funeral”



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