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[SEVENS] Episode 73 Summary

Remember the good ol’ days, Yuga?

Episode 73: オトナの接待ラッシュデュエル – Otona no Settai Rasshu Dyueru
(An Adult’s Corporate Entertainment Rush Duel)

Thinking that Yuga might be the sixth Goha President, Luke decided to curry favor with him. At Mimi’s suggestion, Luke tried to entertain Yuga with a “Corporate Entertainment Rush Duel.” However, Yuga found it to be very boring. Seeing Yuga like this reminded Luke of a Duel back when he was younger.

Script: いよく直人 || Iyoku Naoto
Storyboard: 近藤信宏 || Kondo Nobuhiro
Direction: 山田直 || Yamada Nao
Animation Director(s): TBD


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