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The Creative Deck Strategy Showdown 4 Is Here!

Check out this creative deck tournament, featuring more competitively-rogue options than ever, and please provide feedback on my content!

The Creative Deck Strategy Showdown – IV!

Welcome to a digital display of creative decks dueling it out! 32 strategies will enter a knockout bracket, but only one will come out victorious. This event was hosted on my YouTube channel for the site, so please subscribe to not miss future events. This post marks the end of the event and serves as a hub article to visit all 11 videos. Lastly, I ask that you leave feedback on CDSS4 in the link provided in the Feedback Warrior section near the end of this article. If you missed out on CDSS1, CDSS2, or CDSS3, be sure to check that out too!

Who is participating?

32 different strategies, pulled from past articles as far as my second article in 2013, recent strategies as close as those posted 2 weeks ago, cancelled articles from over the years, and themes that had yet to be showcased by me in a profile appear here! From hybrid variants to pure approaches, this list covers a wide swath of favorites from my past builds, and a couple returns of popular themes! All builds from past articles have been updated for the current TCG format and existing cross-region cardpool, so some of the old strategies may have gotten a significant upgrade! For a rundown of the participants and their custom promo art, open the spoiler below! CDSS4 was broken into 8 Pods to consolidate the tournament into a shorter timeframe, each Pod offering a strategy a spot in the Top 8! So let’s get into these Pods!


Pod A: Round of 32

1. Ancient Bujin Brigade

Inspired by: CDP: Ancient Bujin-Warrior Brigade

2. Evil HERO Grandmerge

Inspired by future HERO article

3. Nordic Thunder Dragon

Inspired by: CDP: Aesir of Nordic Thunder

4. Trickstar Link – Live Burn

Inspired by: CDP: Trickstar Live – Link Burn

Pod B: Round of 32

5. High Draw Dual Avatar

Inspired by: CDP: Souten-Style High-Draw

6. Appliancer Codebreak

Inspired by: Requested CDP strategy and deferred to CDSS

7. Chambermaid of Blue-Eyes Fusion

Inspired by: CDP: Chambermaiden of the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Fusion

8. Gishkill

Inspired by: CDP: Deep Combo Gishki HandKill

Pod C: Round of 32

9. Advent of the Amazoness

Inspired by: CDP: Amazoness Assemble!

10. Twinfluencer Live Link

Inspired by: CDP: Chaotic Live Twin

11. Domain of the Monarchs

Inspired by: CDP: The Monarchs Reawaken

12. GX Hybrid: Phantasm Neos

Inspired by: CDP: Neos Kluger Sacred Phantasm

Pod D: Round of 32

13. Embrace the Core: Koa’ki Mieru Blitz

Inspired by: CDS: Embrace the Core Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

14. Zefritual Beast

Inspired by: Cancelled Zefra Mega Article

15. Chronomcipator

Inspired by: CDP: Time to Rock – Chronomaly Adamancipator and CDS: Chronomaly Inbound

16. Odd-Eyes Magistus

Inspired by: CDP: Odd-Eyes Magistus

Pod E: Round of 32

17. Windwitch WindBurn

Inspired by: CDP: Magicalized Windwitch Burn

18. Vanilla Dino Pendulum

Inspired by: Pendulum Monsters: What Went Wrong?

19. Scrappy Accel Crystron

Inspired by: Requested CDP strategy and deferred to CDSS

20. Felgrand Dragunity

Inspired by: Requested CDP strategy and deferred to CDSS… for now

Pod F: Round of 32

21. Machina Infinitrain

Inspired by: CDP: The Machiner’s Infinitrack Railway

22. Burning Infernoid Abyss

Inspired by: CDS: Tierra’s Angels

23. Dinomist ASSEMBLE!

Inspired by: Requested CDP strategy and deferred to CDSS

24. Coelacanth Fish Synchro

Inspired by: Cancelled CDP strategy and deferred to CDSS & CDS: Shark Time Thief

Pod G: Round of 32

25. Orcustrated Topologic Gizmek

Inspired by: CDP: Topologic Gizmek

26. AliTenyien Synchro

Inspired by: CDP: Alien Tenyi Synchro and CDS: “A”

27. The Once Fabled Dark World

Inspired by: CDP: Fabled Dark World

28. Cynet Lock

Inspired by: CDP: Cynet Link

Pod H: Round of 32

29. Overlayed Foliage: Rikka Sylvan

Inspired by: CDP: Sylvan’s Rose

30: Crystal Rainbow

Inspired by: CDP: Ultimate Crystal Beast, Rainbow Zenith

31: Numeron Burn

Inspired by: Potential Future CDP strategy

32: Dogmatika’s Evil Eye

Inspired by: CDP: Dogmatika’s Evil Eye

Links and Event Details:

How do I watch?

As CDSS4 was entirely contained within YouTube videos, I’ve embedded the playlist for the entire event below. I’ve also provided direct links to each of the individual videos from the event broken down by week in their own individual spoilers to avoid spoiling winners! Note that all videos in CDSS4 have chapters for you to more easily navigate between the matches and catch the ones you are interested in, plus all decklists are shown at the end of a video in which they are eliminated.

Round of 32 and Round of 16:

Pod A: Round of 32

Pod B: Round of 32

Pod C: Round of 32

Pod D: Round of 32

Pod E: Round of 32

Pod F: Round of 32

Pod G: Round of 32

Pod H: Round of 32

Top 8:



As a closing note, thanks again to everyone who has read and engaged with my content since I began posting here in 2013. Each of the CDSS events seemed be well-recieved, so I’d also like to thank all of the individual contributors who have requested strategies over the years, as many of those requests are represented in these events. I couldn’t do it alone, and your input is extremely valuable in crafting what I write about next!

I’d also like to acknowledge Blackbeltsam5610 who assisted with refining the builds yet again for CDSS4. Their help was outstanding in providing improvements and just great overall feedback when preparing everything. So thank you, very much, for all of your input.

Please let me know how you liked CDSS4:

If you’re reading this far and you’ve engaged with parts of the CDSS4 at any point, please also take the time to answer this short questionnaire so I can get some direct feedback. I want to hear from you whether or not you want to see something like this again, and if so, what you would like in the future. The form can be accessed here:

Thanks for reading/watching, and I hope you enjoyed both iterations of the CDSS and my attempt to provide diverse types of content! Be sure to leave feedback through the above form, commenting on any of these videos on my YouTube Channel, or by reaching out on Discord! Otherwise, I’ll catch you later this week when I get back to regularly posting new CDPs!

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