Casual Deck Strategy: Embrace the Core – Part Three

Now that we’ve covered an introduction and the support to this grand archetype, it is finally time to begin diving into the many options you have for building a Koa’ki Meiru deck! This article will be focusing on two of the most effective Koa’ki Meiru variants. First is a variant that just recently hit its stride due to the new Beast-Warrior support in the form of Fire Formations, and the second has proven its power spike following the support from Return of the Duelist!  Neither is considered a pure variant, but let’s jump right in!

Before continuing on, if you have not read either of the preceding articles, I highly recommend it before beginning Part 3: Embrace the Core – Part One | Embrace the Core – Part Two. They will introduce you to the archtype and many cards referenced in this article have already been discussed previously.

VARIANT #1 – Beast-Warrior Koa’ki Meiru



The Koa’ki Meiru deck is good at many things, but most of all, it is amazing at gaining and then keeping an advantage lead on the opponent. Queue the trumpets for our key monster that illustrates this point perfectly: Koa’ki Meiru Urnight! Clocking in at 2000 ATK, this Level 4 EARTH Beast-Warrior lets your reveal a Core in your hand to Special Summon any other Level 4 or lower Koa’ki Meiru from the deck. As a result, he is basically the first generation version of Madolche Hootcake, allowing for insane advantage plays and high XYZ potential.

His normal target to Special Summon from the deck is none other than his best friend, Koa’ki Meiru Crusader. Clocking in at 1900 ATK, this partner in crime shares the same Level, Attribute, and Type, allowing for a great number of effective Xyz’s. But before performing an Xyz Summon, always consider attack with both of your monsters, since they do have a combined attack of 3900. And Crusader even gets to add any “Koa’ki Meiru” card back to your hand from the Graveyard when it destroys a monster by battle! *Note: Similar to Jurrac Guaiba, it can trigger off of destroying Tokens* 

Before pushing the above combo off to the side due to being too situational, consider the fact that the variant has cards to search both major components of the play, Core Transport Unit | Koa’ki Meiru Initialize | Iron Core Disposal Unit to search out the Core and Fire Formation – Tenki to search out Urnight. Yes, due to the presence of Beast-Warriors, this version of Koa’ki Meiru can effectively run a small Fire Fist engine. All you really need is a Bear or two, a pair of Tenki’s and a pair of Tensu’s and voila, you now have an effective way to extend the advantage combo listed above.

Before diving too deep into combo potential and specific combos available to the deck, let’s discuss other ways the deck can hold to its core goal of maintaining advantage over the opponent. With access to a powerful trap line-up, the deck simply needs an Iron Core to wrestle control out of the hands of the opponent. With Reckless Power, you can destroy all backrow. With Nega-Ton Corepanel, you can negate an effect attempting to rain on your parade. You have many powerful options, you just have to remember that including cards to search your core should be a priority before any other!


Core Lineup for a Beast-Warrior Koa’ki Meiru Variant:


  • 3 Koa’ki Meiru Urnight
  • 3 Koa’ki Meiru Crusader
  • 1|2 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear


  • 3 Iron Core of the Koa’ki Meiru
  • 3 Core Searcher of your Choice
  • 1|2|3 Urgent Synthesis
  • 2 Fire Formation – Tenki
  • 1|2 Fire Formation – Tensu


Possible Tech Choices:

While the Core lineup may seem extremely small compared to other archetype variants, the open space is for your to decide in which direction you wish to take the deck. There is always space to add in a slew of support traps, maybe a few more of the supporting spells depending on the current meta. Below are only a small sampling of good tech choices available to you. Remember, all of the support spell and traps listed in Embrace the Core – Part Two should be considered as well.

Tour Guide from the Underworld & Koa’ki Meiru Doom: Our dear red-headed friend can be splashed in anything right? Especially when the archetype has its own Level 3 Fiend! The true power in this tech option is the accessibility to the full advantage combo that extends our initial example. You can use Tour Guide to Xyz Summon the Rank 3 M-X-Saber Invoker, so that you can Special Summon Urnight directly from the deck before continuing the combo. This is powerful for many reasons, but most of all because you can instantly plop a target (Doom) into the Graveyard for Crusader to return to the hand!

Koa’ki Meiru TornadoThis monster barely made the cut as a tech option and not part of the core lineup simply due to the uncertainty of the current meta. This monster lets you wipe the opposing field of Special Summoned monsters, at the small cost of returning a Core to the top of the deck. This restriction is not terrible when combined with Core Transport Unit, so you should definitely use Tornado if you choose to use CTU as your ‘Core Searcher’.

Horn of the Phantom Beast: Want to make your powerful Level 4 monsters even more powerful? This damage step card can be out of left field since most opponent’s assume that you are running a scrub deck once they see the Koa’ki Meiru. If they underestimate you, the Horn will definitely swing the advantage more into your favor, especially if it becomes equipped to a Fire Fist!

Fire Formation – Gyokkou: This formation is an alternate option to Mystical Space Typhoon. Being searchable by Bear or Tiger King is an advantage, and it also tends to scare the opponent into not setting too many spells or traps. You may not find a good use for this card though if you prefer to run Reckless Powerjust be careful when selecting tech options that may clash with each other.

Koa’ki Meiru BoulderThis monster serves as another way to get an Iron Core or Koa’ki Meiru to the hand when needed. It is definitely a slower method to getting the monsters, but it can be effective against certain decks.

Pot of Duality: This is a controversial choice for Koa’ki Meiru duelists, because you would always prefer to have an Urnight play every turn. However, since this is not possible, it is a good idea to consider more consistency in terms of getting to your Iron Core, since the deck tends to have a much better win ratio when you have an Iron Core.


Insane Advantage Combo:

Tour Guide

Requirements: Iron Core and Tour Guide from the Underworld in hand:

  1. Normal Summon TGU, activating her effect to Special Summon Koa’ki Meiru Doom from the deck.
  2. Overlay Rank 3 into M-X-Saber Invoker.
  3. Activate his effect by detaching Doom, Special Summoning Urnight from the deck.
  4. Activate Urnight’s effect, revealing your Iron Core in hand; Special Summon Crusader from the Deck.
  5. If you can destroy an opposing monster in battle (if not, skip to step 6): Enter Battle Phase, destroy an opponent’s monster with Crusader, returning Doom to the hand, then attack with Invoker if possible
  6. Overlay Urnight and Crusader into Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King.
  7. Use his effect to Set a Fire Formation – Tenki from the Deck. Activate it to add a Bear or Urnight to your hand, depending on the situation.


Congrats, if you pulled off this entire combo, you probably just secured a game win. With Crusader destroying an opposing monster in battle, you turned a TGU in hand into 2 Xyz Monsters, a face-up Spell Card that can be used by Bear at a later point, and a Beast-Warrior added to the hand. Total Advantage Shift: +5


Completed Example Deck:
For those who have survived the entirety of this part on the Beast-Warrior Koa’ki Meiru, congratulations, you just learned an AWESOME deck that is sure to surprise anyone!
The link below is a screenshot of my personal Beast-Warrior Koa’ki build. I know it may not be not the best build for them, but it is a good place to start if you are just getting familiar with the deck:


VARIANT #2 – Rock Stun



While the previous Koa’ki Meiru variant focused on the aggressive combos and potential of the archtype, the Rock Stun variant focuses heavily upon control. Featuring the EARTH Rock-Type Koa’ki Meiru negation triad, this deck is able to shut down many options available to the opponent with minimal investments. Koa’ki Meiru Wall, pictured above, clocks in with an effect that lets you Tribute him in order to negate any Spell Card your opponent throws at you! On the other hand, Koa’ki Meiru Guardian can negate a monster effect. In a similar fashion, Koa’ki Meiru Sandman is able to shut down a Trap Card! And don’t forget that any of the 3 are able to activate during the Damage Step!

While that combination seems all nice and fun, one might worry that it is difficult to lock down the opponent in such a manner. This possible problem is easily mitigated by the first of the “Return of the Duelist” Rock-Type support, Block Golem. This little guy lets you get 2 Koa’kis back from the Graveyard when needed, allowing you to lock down 2 card types, if you only have EARTH monsters in the Graveyard. This is no hard task, as you should only run EARTH’s as not to conflict.

Don’t forget that these rock Koa’ki are just as powerful as their other Koa’ki brethren. All 3 of the main Rock-Types boast 1900 ATK, powerful enough to incite much fear in the opponents. Another strength of the deck is the ability to run Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. He can lock down so many of the decks this format, and stop the plague of Dragon Rulers from overrunning your rock-hard walls!


Core Lineup for a Rock Stun Variant:


  • 2|3 Koa’ki Meiru Guardian
  • 2|3 Koa’ki Meiru Wall
  • 1|3 Koa’ki Meiru Sandman
  • 2|3 Block Golem
  • 2 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
  • 1 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole


  • 3 Call of the Haunted


Possible Tech Choices:

The Core Lineup for the Rock Stun variant is small and restricted for a reason: you have a lot of deck space available for creative options. This is also a reason why its so rare for a Rock stun build to top, as there are so many variables to account for, most of all being local meta. If your locals has a ton of Dragon Rulers and not much else, this deck would have to be built accordingly in order for you to stand a chance. This is one of those decks that thrives in the turmoil of a format when people are trying too hard to counter everything, because everyone has a rough time stopping a deck that wants to keep negating any plays!

Koa’ki Meiru Boulder: This little rock buddy is actually a tad better in rock stun than the previous build. Due to its innate ability to search out which negator you need, it can function extremely well as a bluff set that is not Fossil Dyna. Also, take note that it is a level 4 for Xyz plays, and it serves as something to reveal during the End Phase to keep your Koa’ki kicking!

Seal of Orichalos: This is one of the few decks where the seal can shine. The only way that it can get in your way is when you want to Xyz into Gem-Knight Pearl for that massive rock. Sadly, I regret to inform you that every other play or setup in the deck LOVES this Field Spell. Not only can it create locks by having 2 Koa’ki’s on the field, but it also makes all of your monsters that much more likely to be unbeatable in battle. Remember, it is very sad that you can only run 1 of him and should only run 1!

Solidarity: This is also a great ATK boosting option for the rock stun deck. Since you’re already restricted to EARTH monsters due to Block Golem, having exclusively rocks is not all that hard. Do be careful though about the Extra Deck, since there are only a handful Rock-Type Xyz Monsters. By running this tech option, you are also choosing to forgo maining a Maxx “C” or two. Just keep that in mind!

Catapult Zone: And this is the other option for field spells if you choose to go that route. This card will literally make any monster you control unbeatable in battle UNLESS your deck runs out of Rock-Types. Field Spells are a decent choice in this meta, with reliance on The Grand Spellbook Tower and Dragon’s Ravine reaching high popularity.

Morphing Jar #2: This little bugger will literally want to make your opponent flip the table and walk out. It can do that to a player going for the win. This is exceptionally potent against Dragon Rulers because it immediately bumps all their rulers back to deck, and all their Xyz’s take an immediate vacation. It also is a lovely EARTH and Rock-Type monster. It has a chance of backfiring and making you mill all of your important spells or traps, but the rewards definitely outweigh the risks in this case!

Gaia Plate the Earth Giant: If you prefer running a boss monster in your decks, this is your man. Boasting 2800 ATK, he is easily Special Summoned and can run over any monster with 5600 or less ATK. He is just that good. The only reason why this monster does not make the core list is the fact that A) He wrecks Graveyard setup for Block Golem and B) Is a bad card to draw on turn 1. The jury’s still out on Gaia Plate for the most part, but if you want a nice friend in times of trouble, by all means unleash the giant!

Legendary Jujitsu Master: This monster is probably going to be a better tech once Bujin’s finally hit their stride in the meta. Basically, if your opponent attacks this guy facedown, he is going to be saying goodbye to his monster. And this dude really hurts for Xyz’s and Synchros just like Morphing Jar #2. The hidden benefit of Jujitsu is his level, opening up Rank 3 plays using Block Golem. Don’t be afraid to try this guy out, he will definitely add a touch of power to your deck.

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders: Yes, you are seeing this right. Your deck is all EARTH monsters, so why not tech your attribute specific monster reborn? Not only can it setup Block Golem plays, but it can turn a single Block Golem into 3 Koa’ki’s and a Fossil Dyna simply by having another EARTH in your hand! I would advise against running this AND Gaia Plate, since demand on your EARTH monsters in Graveyard would be a bit too high.

Card Trooper: I am fully aware that this little bugger is not a Rock-Type; however, he does deserve an honorable mention. Due to the fact that Golem, Redox, Gaia Plate, and COTH require Graveyard setup, having the ability to mill and retain advantage through Trooper is extremely helpful in a Rock Stun deck. It also does not clash with Golem due to being an EARTH monster. You should definitely consider this monster if you choose to run the next revival trap as well in your deck.

Pinpoint Guard: This is an extremely potent trap. It surely can hold off assaults on your Life Points with ease, but it also serves as an additional way to revive Golem or Fossil Dyna to create lockdowns on the next turn AFTER seeing how your opponents respond. Regardless of how you approach adding this card into your deck, you should never replace COTH with them due to its power to bring back a Koa’ki Meiru immediately after an effect is negated. As a result, consider using both together to maximize the use of your Koa’ki Meiru monsters!

Gigantes: Last but not least, the EARTH version of Heavy Storm. This guy is a beast, clocking it at 1900 ATK. He plays extremely well alongside Redox, as you can get another Redox to hand if using Redox as the summoning requirement. Also, as a nice sidenote: he activates during the Damage Step so not even Starlight Road can stop his backrow nuke! Do be careful that he doesn’t happen to destroy all of your spells or traps in the process!


Resilience is Key:

Block Golem

So the main thing you need to know about these Rock Koa’ki Meiru is that they do not lay down easily. The reason why 3 Call of the Haunted are required in this deck is that, your opponent is going to be trying to get through your negation as soon and easily as possible. Try to keep your options hidden. If you can go for game using COH, by all means try. But never just use the COH to put some extra damage on the board. COH should be used as a reactionary measure in this deck. If your opponent has nothing on the field across from your Wall and Guardian, use COH to return right back to the field something you use to negate an opponent’s attempt to break free. It’s not worth it to add a Sandman if you’re not sure if they have a trap or not.

Also, never just surrender with this deck (or any deck, but that is an argument for another time). Block Golem lets you get come-from-behind wins out of nowhere. Remember, you do have a monster that turns into 3800 points of damage at the drop of a hat. Use it wisely!


Completed Example Deck:
For those who have survived the entirety of this guide or just the part on Rock Stun, congratulations, you just learned how you can lock your opponent out of just about any option in his or her hand.
The link below is a screenshot of my personal Rock Stun build. I know it may not be not the best build for them, but it is a good place to start if you are just getting familiar with the deck:


So, did you manage to survive a sneak peek into effective ways to utilize the Koa’ki Meiru? I hope so. While the last articles served as general and holistic approaches to the archtype, this guide was meant to introduce you to specific examples to put those generalizations into practice. Part Four is coming soon with a few more unappreciated variants, so look forward to that!


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