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The Creative Deck Strategy Showdown has begun!

In celebration of completing over 100 strategy articles for the site, let’s pit these Creative Deck Strategies against each other!

The Creative Deck Strategy Showdown

Welcome to a digital display of creative decks dueling it out! 32 strategies will enter the knockout bracket, but only one will win. As this event will be hosted on both YGOrganization and my YouTube channel, so subscribe there to catch the action as it happens! This post will serve as the initial hub for the event, including everything you need to know.


Links and Event Details:

How do I watch?

As the CDSS will be entirely contained within YouTube videos, I’ve embedded the playlist for the entire event below. I’ve also provided direct links to videos that have already gone live below the embedded list.

Who is participating?

32 different strategies, pulled from past articles as far as 2013, recent strategies as close as last week, cancelled articles from over the years, and future article topics as soon as next week’s CDS have been curated to offer a variety of dueling styles and strategies. From hybrid variants to pure approaches, this list hopefully has all of your favorites. Builds from past articles have also been updated for the current format and cardpool, some of your old favorites may have gotten a significant upgrade! For a description of each strategy participating in the tournament, open the spoiler below!

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When will more content be posted?

This event will run over 3 weeks, this post marks the end of the first week. Therefore, you already have a whole week of content to explore NOW! Each day of the week will feature a new video, showing matches for a specific group. This culminates each week with a video presenting the decklists for all strategies eliminated over the course of the week. Unlike my other videos, these decklists were set prior to beginning any of the matches, thus the build shown on Friday is the exact list that was used in this competition.

What was randomized?

To create this bracket, I randomly generated seeds for each of the participating strategies, then organized them into groups of 8 based on their seeding. This randomization was not weighted by age or strategy, as I did not want to favor anybody. Similarly, the participant in each match was randomly assigned a value to determine who would have the choice of going 1st or 2nd in the first duel of the match.

How were the matches conducted?

Speaking of matches, each matchup will consist of a best-of-3 match between the two strategies with no siding in between. As soon as a strategy claims 2 victories, the matchup is over, and the winner advances to the next round. These matches were conducted with a limited tester pool when ‘mind games’ are part of a strategy’s win condition, but otherwise, I conducted the matches myself. As these are real duels for all matches and not scripted, there are a couple of minor misplays throughout all 31 matches, but I intended for the gameplay to be as clean and efficient as possible.

How did you select participating strategies?

To select the 32 strategies for this competition, I first focused on grabbing as many strategies as possible that function in the modern era. This skews the selection slightly towards recent articles, but it was important to have a decent showing for all strategies, rather than watching a very old U.A. build get absolutely destroyed. Next, I selected my most popular articles, based on views and continued engagement, and forced a modernization of them if it was needed. Next, I rounded out the pool with mechanics that were underrepresented, such as Infinite Qliphort ARMada to represent Tribute Summoning or Adamanicaptor Megalith to represent both 60-card builds and Ritual Summoning. Lastly, I adjusted the final pool to ensure that types and attributes were not severely over or under represented. Long story short – I wanted to be able to capture as many creative usages of game mechanics as possible in one event, so hopefully I included your favorites!


As a closing note, thanks to everyone who has read and engaged with my content since I began posting here in 2013. It’s been a long ride, and I’m excited to unveil this project to top off a personal milestone. I’d also like to thank all of the individual contributors who have requested strategies over the years, as many of those requests are represented in this event.


Thanks for reading/watching, and I hope you enjoy the CDSS! Be sure to leave feedback through Discord or comments on any of these videos on my YouTube Channel, and definitely comment on who you think will win!


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