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YCS Prague Top 32 Decks and Event Analysis

Taking a look at the Top 32 Decks, and how they got there, with pure, boring math!


Comparing these results to how many people entered, yields interesting results.
First, we’ll look at how many people played the deck in the event. 985 players entered, so we can see the breakdown of the entire event in the first number.
Secondly, we’ll look at what percentage of the top cut each deck represented, and if the number is higher, then the deck over-performed, if it’s less, the deck under-performed.
Thirdly, we’ll look at how many of the decks that entered made it to top cut, and see how well the deck itself did compared to its representation.

251/985 players 25.4% of players
12/32 top cut 37.5% of players
12/251 made it 4.78% of players

177/985 players 17.9% of players
7/32 top cut 21.8% of players
7/177 made it 3.95% of players

206/985 players 20.9% of players
6/32 top cut 18.8% of players
6/206 made it 2.91% of players

Burning Abyss
32/985 players 3.25% of players
4/32 top cut 12.5% of players
4/32 made it 12.5% of players

79/985 players 8.02% of players
1/32 top cut 3.13% of players
1/79 made it 1.27% of players

Phantom Knight
14/985 players 1.42% of players
1/32 top cut 3.13% of players
1/14 made it 7.14% of players

Other – Library FTK topping.
202/985 players 20.5% of players
1/32 top cut 3.13% of players
1/292 made it 0.34% of players

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