[Master Duel] The August 10th Update

Bringin’ in the Kash.

-WCS 2023 Cheer for your Champion! Campaign rewards
The rewards for the campaign where you voted for which team would win at the WCS 2023 are now available. Make sure to collect them by August 29th. The tickets also expire on September 30th, so make sure to use them quickly.

-57.3M (Ko-na-mi) downloads campaign:
–New alternate art card: I:P Masquerena

Until October 10th, if you pull a copy of I:P Masquerena from the Secret Pack “Space-Time Transcendents”, it will feature this alternative artwork. During this period, you can open 1 pack of this set for free.

–Login rewards
By login in for 6 days until October 10th, you can obtain the following rewards:
Day 1: 500 Gems
Day 2: I:P Masquerena (alt art) Icon
Day 3: 200 Gems
Days 4 to 6: 100 Gems each
For a total of 1000 Gems

“an Icon depicting another side of the vivacious deliverywoman who speeds through the night. Ever mercurial, she shifts her style to match the situation and her mood.”

-New Secret Pack: Guided by Fate

“The hero summoned to another world by “Rite of Aramesir,” and “Clavkiys, the Magikey Skyblaster,” who opened the door to the magicla world with “Magikey Maftea” and fights using various Summoning methods. Guided by a strange fate, their respective journeys begin!”

As mentioned before, this Secret Pack will be unlocked until October 10th, and later on you would have to unlock it by obtaining a SR or higher card from the set. Also, until the same date, you can obtain 1 pack for free.

UR (6/40):

SR (10/40):

R (12/40):

N (12/40):

-New Accessories:
–New Monster Art: Master Peace, the True Dracoslayer

“From his appearance, one senses the power of both “Dracoslayer,” who manifest the power of dragons, and “Dracoverlord,” who possess powerful magical powers.”
Price 250 Gems

–New Duel Field: Dogmatika Cathedral

“A Duel Field of a cathedral localted on a continent isolated from the outside world. The believers continue to pray daily in this solemn space, but what future awaits them? One of peace, or one of war?
Price: 600 Gems

–New Protector: Chaos Angel

“Protectors that depict a giant god of chaos with an angel’s right wing and a fiend’s left wing. For those aligned with the chaos which is a balance of light and darkness.”
Price: 100 Gems

–New Icon Frame: The Path of the Red Sky Striker

“An Icon Frame that is reminiscent of the gate used by Sky Strikers, to transfer their armaments. When the path opens to those who bury their emotions and fight, it leads to a power that causes endless lamentation.”
Price: 60 Gems

-New Selection Pack: Rage of Chaos

“In addition to “Chaos,” which reigns with wings of light and darkness, and “Dracoslayer,” who join a force that transcends race, “Vaylantz,” Sky Striker Ace,” “Amazement,” and others gain new strategies! Then, in the world of beasts without a master, the raging red warrior “Kashtira” begins its usurpation. Prove that you are a true victor with your refined power and strategy!

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (19/85):

Notably, Pitknight Earlie and Made to Order Mermaid Outfit Outfitter are being introduced to Master Duel before their introduction to the OCG. For Outfitter, its name is “かなり魅湧な受注水産”. The name is a pun on 受注生産 (build/made to order), replacing 生産 (production) with 水産 (aquatic products), but still force-read as “Order Made” (made to order). 注水 is also a word for “pouring water”. Also a pun on 魅惑 (charming) replacing the second Kanji for 湧 (well up, gush out). “かなり” at first is “quite”, so its name would be a mouthful like “the quite charming-gushing aquatic made to order”

Additionally, the following cards have been stealth-added to the Legacy Pack:
Queen Butterfly Danaus

Arms Regeneration


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