[OCG] 13th Nagoya Princess Cup

Frightfur continues to pop up, but second place is a classic Synchro Deck that continues to never die.

13th Nagoya Princess Cup

A reminder, the Princess Cup is a tournament held at the Female Duelist Meetings across Japan. The Female Duelist Meeting is a recurring event throughout Japan held to help encourage female fans play the game in a relative safe space where they can be taught the game, be allowed free play, and even tournaments.

The chief reasons for doing so are card games are typically positioned/socially seen as “acceptable for boys” and in Japan, like the US, regulars at hobby shops, unfortunately, tend to be jerks.

Winner: Frightfur

3 Fluffal Bear
3 Fluffal Dog
2 Fluffal Wings
2 Fluffal Owl
2 Fluffal Penguin
1 Fluffla Cat
3 Edge Imp Chain
1 Edge Imp Sabres
1 Radian, the Multi-Dimensional Kaiju
1 Kumongous, the Sticky Thread Kaiju
1 Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju
3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
2 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
2 Maxx “C”
1 Edge Imp Cotton Eater

3 Patchwork Frightfur
3 Toy Vendor
3 Foolish Burial Goods
2 Twin Twisters
1 Interrupted Kaiju Slumber
1 Instant Fusion
3 Polymerization

3 Frightfur Sabre-Tooth
2 Frightfur Kraken
2 Frightfur Tiger
1 Frightfur Sheep
1 Frightfur Dare-Devil
1 Predaplant Dragostapelia
1 Thousand-Eyes Restrict
1 Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon
1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
2 Decode Talker

3 Skull Meister
1 Edge Imp Sabres
1 Fluffal Wings
3 Cosmic Cyclone
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster
1 Frightfur Fusion
2 Solemn Strike
1 Frightfur Chimera

Semi-Winner: Blackwing

3 Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind
3 Blackwing – Kris the Crack of Dawn
3 Blackwing – Bora the Spear
2 Blackwing – Blizzard the Far North
2 Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow
1 Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite
1 Blackwing – Gladius the Midnight Sun
1 Blackwing – Breeze the Zephyr
1 Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow
3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
1 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
2 Maxx “C”

3 Black Whirlwind
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Book of Eclipse
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster

3 Icarus Attack
2 Solemn Strike
1 Solemn Judgement

1 Number S39: Utopia the Lightning
1 Number 39: Utopia
1 Assault Blackwing – Onimaru the Divine Thunder
1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
1 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
1 Clear Wing Synchron Dragon
1 Assault Blackwing – Chidori the Rain Sprinkling
1 Assault Blackwing – Raikiri the Rain Shower
1 Blackwing Armor Master
1 Blackwing Tamer – Obsidian Hawk Joe
1 Blackwing Armed Wing
2 Blackwing – Nothung the Starlight
1 Assault Blackwing – Sohaya the Rain Storm


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