[YGOrg] Last Month in Review

From Cosmic Quasars to Gate Guardians

Hey everyone. Welcome to the third month of 2023. Let’s recap February’s highlights.

[DBWS] It’s Time To Construct The Deadliest Burger With “Nouvellez”!

The Nouvellez Archetype reveal brought support for, of all things, Spell Rulers “Hungry Burger”. A new ritual theme archetype coming in the booster set ‘Wild Survivors’ later this year. This was the months most viewed article!

[DBWS] The Earthshattering Might of the “Transcendrakes”

Joining them in Wild Survivors, Dinosaurs, a deck known for rarely using its extra deck (but always being absolutely terrifying when it does) gets a new age — yet still prehistoric – take on weaponizing the games most devastating resource.

[MAZE] The Revised Labyrinth of “Gate Guardian”!

Another TCG World Premiere set is upon us, and this one had 5 Guardian Fusion monsters in it. I know, I had to count it twice too.

Duelist Nexus: New Yusei & Team 5D’s Related Cards

Series 12 came in with a bang, in what is undoubtedly the most anticipated set in years. Nobody ever went out of business pre-ordering cases of green packs with “Duelist” in the title. Look forward to more info about this product in the coming month!

[RD/LGP1] Pot of Arrogance

Rush Duels “Legend Awakening” Pack introduces yet another Pot to the game, along with many other fan favourites.

[Master Duel] February 14th Update

Master Duel is a year old! So many Dark Magician items and the inevitable arrival of the Spright Monsters.

The Player Pyramid – Who are you targeting?

The Other Side blog by Matthew Bell, former Yugioh Designer and Product Manager, mades its triumphant return to YGOrganization to give insight into the games industry in January and is still going strong. Check out his coolest article from last month.

Of course there was over 100 other articles about all walks of life in this game as well!


In more Org related news, our Youtube and Twitch channels continue to grow! We posted a few trial videos last month testing out some of our new editors! Here’s an example of a YouTube video featuring content from one of the Twitch Streams.

We’re also on Patreon again and better than ever. Last month we introduced a new array of rewards that others have already been capitalizing on — most popularly our special Discord Server where we discuss things that aren’t quite as ‘confirmed’ or ‘reportable’. You can find out more about that at https://www.patreon.com/yugioh

Lastly, last month I was able to help enough students to become Metafy’s #1 Master Duel expert in the month of February. If you’re curious about that you can find me, and others like the ones in the image below, at https://metafy.gg/@dan

Stats for nerds:

Most viewed article: Nouvellez Reveal – 43,486 views

Articles Posted: 144

Total views: 2,060,612

Coolest reader: You.

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  • March 1, 2023 at 5:56 am

    This recap article is a nice idea, it’s easy to forget things in a week with so much new content constantly being released. I hope it becomes a tradition.
    I’d just suggest to create a new tag category for them, maybe named “Month reviews”, so they’re easier to find in the future.

  • March 1, 2023 at 8:31 am

    Huge fan of this idea. It is nice to have a whole month of news in one place.

  • March 1, 2023 at 10:11 am

    I like this recap concept alot; keep doing these please!

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