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[Deck Recipes] May 24th, 2023

Gilford the Legend actually has enough Equips now.

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: “Gilford the Legend” Deck

3 Gilford the Legend
2 Gilford the Rising
1 Gilford the Lightning (LEGEND)
3 Legend Saber
1 Piercing Samurai
3 Ciela the Skysavior Knight
2 Dunkes the Skysavior Knight
2 Goblin Holedigger Captain
3 Mezame the Ringing Alarm
2 Modorina the Light Retriever
3 Lua the Skysavior Angel
2 Don A. Corn of the Verdant Vast

2 Protection of Arthenée
1 The Warrior Returning Alive (LEGEND)
2 Skysavior Symbol
2 Armaments of Ascension
2 Skysavior Witnesses
1 Excutie Up!

2 Revenge MAX
1 Trap Hole (LEGEND)

1 Digrace the Skysavior Radiance
1 Solcier the Skysavior Lightflash
1 Drukmoor the Skysavior Phantom
1 Altierra the Skysavior Transience
1 Kimiterasu the Divine Luna

Tournament/Competitive Decks:

“Spright” Deck

“Lyrilusc” + “Tri-Brigade” Deck

“Vernusylph” + “Adamancipator” Deck

“Altergeist” Deck

“Altergeist” Deck

“Kashtira” Deck

“Labrynth” Deck

“Mathmech” Deck

“Vernuslyph” + “Adamancipator” Deck

“Vanquish Soul” Deck

“Vanquish Soul” Deck

“Vanquish Soul” Deck

“Kashtira” Deck

“Vanquish Soul”

“Lyrilusc” + “Tri-Brigade” Deck

“The Phantom Knights” + “Mikanko” Deck

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