[SBC1] Speed Duel Streets of Battle City set spoiler.

Fiend Kraken! Ensnare them! See our previous article for the new Skills.

The full setlist for Speed Duel: Streets of Battle City has been revealed!

Yugi’s Deck
SBC1-ENA01 Dark Magician Common
SBC1-ENA02 Skilled Dark Magician Common
SBC1-ENA03 Alchemist of Black Spells Common
SBC1-ENA04 Blast Magician Common
SBC1-ENA05 Dark Magician Girl Common
SBC1-ENA06 Buster Blader Common
SBC1-ENA07 Skilled White Magician Common
SBC1-ENA08 Breaker the Magical Warrior Common
SBC1-ENA09 Apprentice Magician Common
SBC1-ENA10 Magician of Faith Common
SBC1-ENA11 Old Vindictive Magician Common
SBC1-ENA12 Malice Dispersion Common
SBC1-ENA13 Mage Power Common
SBC1-ENA14 Solitary Sword of Poison Common
SBC1-ENA15 Spell Power Grasp x2 Common
SBC1-ENA16 Destructive Swordsman Fusion Common
SBC1-ENA17 Miracle Restoring Common
SBC1-ENA18 Pitch-Black Power Stone Common
SBC1-ENA19 Ready for Intercepting Common
SBC1-ENA20 Dark Paladin Common
Joey’s Deck
SBC1-ENB01 Gearfried the Iron Knight x2 Common
SBC1-ENB02 Marauding Captain Common
SBC1-ENB03 Time Wizard Common
SBC1-ENB04 Rocket Warrior Common
SBC1-ENB05 Little-Winguard Common
SBC1-ENB06 Command Knight Common
SBC1-ENB07 Freed the Matchless General Common
SBC1-ENB08 Alligator’s Sword Common
SBC1-ENB09 Baby Dragon Common
SBC1-ENB10 Roulette Spider Common
SBC1-ENB11 Dicephoon Common
SBC1-ENB12 Graceful Dice Common
SBC1-ENB13 Polymerization Common
SBC1-ENB14 Reinforcement of the Army Common
SBC1-ENB15 Lightning Blade Common
SBC1-ENB16 United We Stand Common
SBC1-ENB17 Blast with Chain Common
SBC1-ENB18 Skull Dice Common
SBC1-ENB19 Kunai With Chain Common
SBC1-ENB20 Karbonala Warrior Common
SBC1-ENB21 Giltia the D. Knight Common
SBC1-ENB22 Flame Swordsman Common
SBC1-ENB23 Alligator’s Sword Dragon Common
SBC1-ENB24 Thousand Dragon Common
Mako Tsunami’s Deck
SBC1-ENC01 The Legendary Fisherman Common
SBC1-ENC02 Airorca Common
SBC1-ENC03 Flyfang Common
SBC1-ENC04 Needle Sunfish Common
SBC1-ENC05 Oyster Meister Common
SBC1-ENC06 Piercing Moray Common
SBC1-ENC07 Maiden of the Aqua Common
SBC1-ENC08 Fiend Kraken Common
SBC1-ENC09 7 Colored Fish Common
SBC1-ENC10 The Legendary Fisherman II Common
SBC1-ENC11 Fortress Whale Common
SBC1-ENC12 Salvage Common
SBC1-ENC13 Umi Common
SBC1-ENC14 Water Hazard Common
SBC1-ENC15 Big Wave Small Wave Common
SBC1-ENC16 Surface Common
SBC1-ENC17 Fortress Whale’s Oath Common
SBC1-ENC18 Tornado Wall Common
SBC1-ENC19 Fish Depth Charge Common
SBC1-ENC20 Paleozoic Eldonia Common
Weevil Underwood’s Deck
SBC1-END01 Insect Queen Common
SBC1-END02 Parasite Paracide Common
SBC1-END03 Chainsaw Insect Common
SBC1-END04 Magnetic Mosquito Common
SBC1-END05 Prickle Fairy Common
SBC1-END06 Howling Insect Common
SBC1-END07 Resonance Insect Common
SBC1-END08 Parasite Paranoid Common
SBC1-END09 Pinch Hopper Common
SBC1-END10 Insect Princess Common
SBC1-END11 Gokibore Common
SBC1-END12 Metal Armored Bug Common
SBC1-END13 Multiplication of Ants Common
SBC1-END14 Insect Barrier Common
SBC1-END15 Verdant Sanctuary Common
SBC1-END16 Eradicating Aerosol Common
SBC1-END17 Spider Egg Common
SBC1-END18 DNA Surgery Common
SBC1-END19 Dust Tornado Common
SBC1-END20 Widespread Ruin Common
Espa Roba’s Deck
SBC1-ENE01 Jinzo Common
SBC1-ENE02 Jinzo – Lord Common
SBC1-ENE03 Jinzo – Returner Common
SBC1-ENE04 Reflect Bounder Common
SBC1-ENE05 Destructotron Common
SBC1-ENE06 Dr. Frankenderp Common
SBC1-ENE07 The Fiend Megacyber Common
SBC1-ENE08 Spell Canceller Common
SBC1-ENE09 Cyber Raider Common
SBC1-ENE10 Golgoil Common
SBC1-ENE11 Cyber Energy Shock Common
SBC1-ENE12 Cosmos Channelling Common
SBC1-ENE13 Gift of the Martyr Common
SBC1-ENE14 Amplifier Common
SBC1-ENE15 Foolish Burial Common
SBC1-ENE16 Cosmic Cyclone Common
SBC1-ENE17 Creature Swap Common
SBC1-ENE18 Psychic Shockwave Common
SBC1-ENE19 Mind Crush Common
SBC1-ENE20 Draining Shield Common
Rare Hunter’s Deck
SBC1-ENF01 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Common
SBC1-ENF02 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress Common
SBC1-ENF03 Voltic Kong Common
SBC1-ENF04 Airknight Parshath Common
SBC1-ENF05 Dark Red Enchanter Common
SBC1-ENF06 Twin-Barrel Dragon Common
SBC1-ENF07 Hannibal Necromancer Common
SBC1-ENF08 Magician of Faith Common
SBC1-ENF09 Mask of Darkness Common
SBC1-ENF10 Sphere Kuriboh Common
SBC1-ENF11 Ledger of Legerdemain Common
SBC1-ENF12 Allure of Darkness Common
SBC1-ENF13 Twister Common
SBC1-ENF14 Night Beam Common
SBC1-ENF15 Nobleman of Crossout Common
SBC1-ENF16 Pineapple Blast Common
SBC1-ENF17 Metalmorph Common
SBC1-ENF18 Michizure Common
SBC1-ENF19 The Forceful Checkpoint Common
SBC1-ENF20 Floodgate Trap Hole Common
Arkana the Magician’s Deck
SBC1-ENG01 Dark Magician (Arkana) Secret
SBC1-ENG02 Chow Sai the Ghost Stopper Common
SBC1-ENG03 Chow Len the Prophet Common
SBC1-ENG04 Anarchist Monk Ranshin Common
SBC1-ENG05 Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers Common
SBC1-ENG06 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Common
SBC1-ENG07 Legion the Fiend Jester Common
SBC1-ENG08 Double Coston Common
SBC1-ENG09 Sealmaster Meisei Common
SBC1-ENG10 Dark Magician (Arkana) x2 Common
SBC1-ENG11 Anti-Magic Arrow Common
SBC1-ENG12 Talisman of Trap Sealing Common
SBC1-ENG13 Dark Magic Curtain Common
SBC1-ENG14 Thousand Knives Common
SBC1-ENG15 Dark Magic Attack Common
SBC1-ENG16 Summoner’s Art Common
SBC1-ENG17 Talisman of Spell Sealing Common
SBC1-ENG18 Birthright Common
SBC1-ENG19 Dark Renewal Common
Strings the Quiet One’s Deck
SBC1-ENH01 Slifer the Sky Dragon Secret
SBC1-ENH02 Revival Jam x2 Common
SBC1-ENH03 Humanoid Slime Common
SBC1-ENH04 Worm Drake Common
SBC1-ENH05 Reactor Slime Common
SBC1-ENH06 Muka Muka Common
SBC1-ENH07 Enraged Muka Muka Common
SBC1-ENH08 Magical Reflect Slime Common
SBC1-ENH09 Sinister Serpent Common
SBC1-ENH10 Mother Grizzly Common
SBC1-ENH11 Jam Breeding Machine x2 Common
SBC1-ENH12 Emergency Provisions Common
SBC1-ENH13 Infinite Cards Common
SBC1-ENH14 Token Sundae Common
SBC1-ENH15 Polymerization Common
SBC1-ENH16 Jam Defender Common
SBC1-ENH17 Solemn Wishes Common
SBC1-ENH18 Token Stampede Common
SBC1-ENH19 Humanoid Worm Drake Common
Extra Cards
SBC1-ENI01 Summoned Skull Common
SBC1-ENI02 Brain Crusher Common
SBC1-ENI03 Chaos Command Magician Common
SBC1-ENI04 Cross-Sword Beetle Common
SBC1-ENI05 Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight Common
SBC1-ENI06 Goblin Attack Force Common
SBC1-ENI07 Maiden of Macabre Common
SBC1-ENI08 Magical Marionette Common
SBC1-ENI09 Pumprincess the Princees of Ghosts Common
SBC1-ENI10 Red-Eyes Baby Dragon Common
SBC1-ENI11 Reversible Beetle Common
SBC1-ENI12 Warrior of Atlantis Common
SBC1-ENI13 Zera the Mant Common
SBC1-ENI14 Acid Rain Common
SBC1-ENI15 Book of Taiyou Common
SBC1-ENI16 Exhange Common
SBC1-ENI17 Last Day of Witch Common
SBC1-ENI18 Mega Ton Magical Cannon Common
SBC1-ENI19 Zera Ritual Common
SBC1-ENI20 Barrel Behind the Door Common
SBC1-ENI21 Exhausting Spell Common
SBC1-ENI22 Magical Arm Shield Common
SBC1-ENI23 Blowback Dragon Common
SBC1-ENI24 Dark Scorpion – Meanae the Thron Common
SBC1-ENI25 Dark Scorpion – Gorg the Strong Common
SBC1-ENI26 Skilled Red Magician Common
SBC1-ENI27 A Legendary Ocean Common
SBC1-ENI28 Book of Moon Common
SBC1-ENI29 Fusion Weapon Common
SBC1-ENI30 Hammer Shot Common
SBC1-ENI31 Lost Wind Common
SBC1-ENI32 Metal Reflect Slime Common
SBC1-ENI33 Wall of Disruption Common
Skill Cards
SBC1-ENS01 Ultimate Wizardry Common
SBC1-ENS02 Iron Grit Common
SBC1-ENS03 Whale of a Tale Common
SBC1-ENS04 Insect Infestation Common
SBC1-ENS05 Intel from the “Cosmos” Common
SBC1-ENS06 Stalked by the Rare Hunters Common
SBC1-ENS07 Now You See Them… Common
SBC1-ENS08 Slimey Slimes Common
SBC1-ENS09 The Dragon Hunting Swordsman Common
SBC1-ENS10 Heart of a Warrior Common
SBC1-ENS11 A Bountiful Ocean Common
SBC1-ENS12 My Precious Queen! Common
SBC1-ENS13 The Machine Menace Common
SBC1-ENS14 Collector Common
SBC1-ENS15 A Terrible Fate Common
SBC1-ENS16 Slimey Disposition Common
SBC1-ENS17 Malicious Motivation Common
SBC1-ENS18 KaibaCorp Research Common
SBC1-ENS19 Battle City Siren Common
SBC1-ENS20 Premature Material Common

In addition, the following twenty-four cards are also available as Secret Rares. As a reminder, Arkana’s Dark MagicianĀ andĀ Slifer the Sky Dragon are always included.

Anti-Magic Arrows
Creature Swap
Dark Magic Curtain
Dark Magician (Arkana)
Dark Magician (Starter Deck)
Dark Magician Girl
Dark Renewal
Dust Tornado
Flame Swordsman
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Goblin Attack Force
Insect Queen
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Marauding Captian
Mind Crush
Night Beam
Parasite Paracide
Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Reflect Bounder
Slifer the Sky Dragon
Summoned Skull
The Legendary Fisherman
Widespread Ruin (alternate art)

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8 thoughts on “[SBC1] Speed Duel Streets of Battle City set spoiler.

  • August 14, 2023 at 3:58 pm

    Still no Kamakiriman for Weevil. Or Horn Imp and Torike for Yugi. At least we’ll finally get Grappler in the 25th anniversary Kaiba set.

    • August 14, 2023 at 4:59 pm

      What’s fun is that Kamakiriman is actually the beste target for Gokipole but WHO CARES! THEY HAVE REPRINTED GOKIBORE!

    • August 14, 2023 at 5:03 pm

      My mantis boy deserves respect.

  • August 14, 2023 at 5:18 pm

    Finally! After “I did my waiting! Twelve (times two) years of it! in” TCG! Kinda disappointing not to see a reprint of Jellyfish as well, but there’s of Maiden of the Aqua… too late tho, ’cause I’ve already bought the old one, but it was needed indeed.

  • August 14, 2023 at 5:37 pm

    a rare hunter deck, with no exodia? what’s the point?

    • August 14, 2023 at 5:43 pm

      We’re not getting them until the Duelist Kingdom box lol.

    • August 14, 2023 at 7:53 pm

      Stone Statue of the Aztecs is missing too

    • August 15, 2023 at 8:24 pm

      Red-eyes for them instead of joey jajaja

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