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[OCG] Legendary Gold Box Announced

The 2019 holiday luxury product for the Asian market has been announced.

Legendary Gold Box

Release Date: December 21st, 2019

Maker: Konami

Price: 3000 Yen


1 of 3 Special Cards (Premium Gold Rare)

Legendary Gold Box Special Pack (x 6)
Each Pack comes with 5 cards (48 different packs). Each pack comes with 1 Ultra Rare and 4 Parallel Commons.
There’s a chance your Ultra Rare might be a 20th Secret Rare instead!

A Special Field Center Card (1 of 3 Different Cards)

1 Special Card Storage Case (The Screw On Plastic Case can be used to show yur cards)

1 Special Storage Box (1 of 3 Different Boxes)



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