Mystical Refpanel List

During the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh!, many cards didn’t really make sense and their wording did little to help players understand them. Mystical Refpanel is one of the worst. Read on to see how to properly use this unique Trap Card.


Ah yes, the ever-important Mystical Refpanel. This is a very old and obscure card. For a short while, when this card was announced as one of the OCG imports in Duelist Revolution (several years after its Japanese release), many players hoped it could be used as a generic counter for pretty much any Spell effect. I’m here to crush those hopes, with what may be the closest anyone will get to a comprehensive list of what this card can be used against.

Let’s start with the card itself:

Mystical Refpanel
Normal Trap
Activate only when a Spell Card that targets 1 player is activated. The effect of that Spell Card is applied to the other player instead.

“Targeting a player” is somewhat of an absurd notion, but it keeps Refpanel from being used against all but the most generic types of effects. Also, what isn’t mentioned on the card (but explained in its rulings), it can only be chained directly to the activation of a Normal or Quick-Play Spell. Therefore, it cannot be chained to a Continuous, Equip, Field, or Ritual Spell, or their effects, or the effects of Normal/Quick-Play Spells that aren’t being activated (such as the last effect of Miracle Synchro Fusion). But memorizing these rules defeats the purpose of this article, so here is the list itself. I cannot guarantee it is 100% accurate, but it includes and excludes any card you are likely to encounter in competitive play.

Card List
Abyss Script – Opening Ceremony
Abyssal Designator
Advance Draw
Allure of Darkness
Ancient Leaf
Assault Teleport
Blue Medicine (note errata)
Boon of the Meklord Emperor
Card of Sanctity
Cards for Black Feathers
Cards of Consonance
Chain Strike
Chaos Greed
Cold Feet
Core Compression
Delinquent Duo
Destiny Draw
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Dragon’s Gunfire (first effect only)
Emergency Provisions
Fengsheng Mirror
Final Flame
First Step Towards Infestation
Goblin’s Secret Remedy
Golden Bamboo Sword
Graceful Charity
Greed Grado
Hieroglyph Lithograph
Into the Void
Linear Accelerator Cannon
Magic Planter
Magical Blast
Magical Mallet
Mesmeric Control
Meteor of Destruction
Mind Wipe
Mirage Tube
Mooyan Curry
Mystik Wok
Pantheism of the Monarchs
Poison of the Old Man
Pot of Desires
Pot of Duality
Pot of Generosity
Pot of Greed
Red Dragon Vase
Red Medicine
Restructer Revolution
Sacred Sword of Seven Stars
Soul of the Pure
Space Gift
Supremacy Berry
Sylvan Charity
The Beginning of the End
The Big Cattle Drive
The Cheerful Coffin
The Forceful Sentry
The Humble Sentry
The Inexperienced Spy
Thunder Short
White Elephant’s Gift



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