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I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect “cafeteria AU merch”. Japanese restaurant chain France-Tei are collaborating with Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS in January 2023.

From the 6th to the 22nd of January 2023, patrons to the France-Tei restaurant in Ikebukuro will be able to enjoy food and drink themed on Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS and purchase new merchandise based on the series.

Tin Badges (¥550/$4.17 USD blind single, ¥2750/$20.83 USD box set)

Acrylic Stands (¥900/$6.82 USD blind single, ¥4500/$34.09 box set)

Character Clear Case (A5) – (¥900/$6.82 USD)

Accessory case (¥880/$6.67 USD)

The menu is as follows:

Cafe Nagi Collab Steak Plate (with bread) ¥1650/$12.50 USD
“Create your own original hot dog to your liking by assembling steak and wieners and bon appetit”


The Circuit that leads to the future! – Playmaker’s Grapefruit Soda (¥880/$6.67 USD)
-Carbonated water
-Grapefruit syrup
-Blue curaçao syrup

The circuit that changes the future! – Soulburner’s Orange Juice (¥880/$6.67 USD)
-Orange juice
-Granadine syrup
-Sliced oranges

The circuit that lights up my path! – Revolver’s Melon Ginger (¥880/$6.67 USD)
-Ginger ale
-Melon Syrup

The circuit that guides the dark! – Ai’s Grape Juice (¥880/$6.67 USD)
-Grape juice
-Lemon syrup
-Mixed berries

The circuit that guides me! – Roboppi’s Peach Calpis (¥880/$6.67 USD)
-Peach syrup
-Blue curaçao syrup
-Choco spray

In addition, if you order an item from the collaboration menu, you’ll receive one of these five postcards at random:



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