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[Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1] Pack openings and full spoiler

The reprints of the first half of Hidden Arsenal are here.

Konami has sponsored a number of Youtube channels to show pack openings for the upcoming set Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1:


English Ru-Fi-Oh!
TGS Anime
French Yubel
Team Exceed
Doc Seven
Yami Row
German ReneBrain
Phoenix unCKut
Spanish El Guardián Celta
El Dojo del Duelista
Italian Mangaka96
Cappelo di Paglia

The set consists of 178 cards, reprinting most of the Duel Terminal/Hidden Arsenal sets with a focus on Ice Barrier, Ice Barrier, Flamvell, Fabled, Ally of Justice, Naturia and Dragunity themes.

The set includes 7 variant Secret Rare promo cards:
Dragunity Guisarme (Secret Rare) (NEW
Armed Dragon, the Armored Dragon (Secret Rare) (NEW,_the_Armored_Dragon)
Pile Armed Dragon (Secret Rare) (NEW
Deep Sea Repetiteur (Secret Rare) (NEW
Armory Arm (Secret Rare)
Power Tool Dragon (Secret Rare)
Formula Synchron (Secret Rare)

The Ultra Rares are available with the Duel Terminal foiling:
Ultra Rares:
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Dark Magician
Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Barrel Dragon
Lava Golem
Night Assailant
Cyber Dragon
Card Trooper
Dark Paladin
Elemental HERO Flame Wingman
Mystical Space Typhoon
Book of Moon
Skill Drain
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Mist Valley Apex Avian
Ally of Justice Decisive Armor
Naturia Bambooshoot
Naturia Cherries
Naturia Exterio
Naturia Beast
Naturia Barkion
Fabled Grimro
Fabled Ragin
Dragunity Dux
Dragunity Phalanx
Dragunity Knight – Gae Bulg
Dragunity Knight – Barcha
Mist Wurm

All the remaining cards are Common, and it seems that the 1 card you get in each pack that is Common but features the Duel Terminal foiling can be any of the Common cards. The sample size is too small to tell if some cards may not be available as DT Commons.

Full spoiler:

HAC1-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (DT Ultra, tablet art)
HAC1-EN002 Dark Magician (DT Ultra, tablet art)
HAC1-EN003 Red-Eyes Black Dragon (DT Ultra, DT01 art)
HAC1-EN004 Elemental HERO Neos (Common)
HAC1-EN005 Kuriboh (Common)
HAC1-EN006 Barrel Dragon (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN007 Buster Blader (Common)
HAC1-EN008 Lava Golem (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN009 Night Assailant (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN010 Harpie Lady 1 (Common)
HAC1-EN011 Harpie Lady 2 (Common)
HAC1-EN012 Harpie Lady 3 (Common)
HAC1-EN013 Winged Kuriboh (Common)
HAC1-EN014 Cyber Dragon (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN015 Elemental HERO Stratos (Common)
HAC1-EN016 Card Trooper (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN017 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Common)
HAC1-EN018 Dark Paladin (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN019 Elemental HERO Flame Wingman (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN020 Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman (Common)
HAC1-EN021 Goyo Guardian (Common)
HAC1-EN022 Polymerization (DT Ultra, DT04 art)
HAC1-EN023 Mystical Space Typhoon (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN024 Book of Moon (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN025 Enemy Controller (Common)
HAC1-EN026 Waboku (Common)
HAC1-EN027 Dust Tornado (Common)
HAC1-EN028 Skill Drain (DT Ultra)

HAC1-EN029 Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN030 Blizzard Warrior (Common)
HAC1-EN031 Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN032 Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN033 Dai Sojo of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN034 Medium of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN035 Pilgrim of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN036 Geomancer of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN037 Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN038 Samurai of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN039 Dewdark of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN040 Caravan of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN041 Spellbreaker of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN042 General Grunard of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN043 Defender of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN044 Warlock of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN045 Sacred Spirit of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN046 General Raioh of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN047 Strategist of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN048 Secret Guards of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN049 General Gantala of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN050 Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier (Common)
HAC1-EN051 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN052 Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN053 Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN054 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN055 Medallion of the Ice Barrier (Common)

HAC1-EN056 Mist Valley Thunderbird (Common)
HAC1-EN057 Mist Valley Shaman (Common)
HAC1-EN058 Mist Valley Soldier (Common)
HAC1-EN059 Mist Valley Baby Roc (Common)
HAC1-EN060 Mist Valley Executor (Common)
HAC1-EN061 Mist Valley Falcon (Common)
HAC1-EN062 Mist Valley Apex Avian (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN063 Mist Valley Thunder Lord (Common)

HAC1-EN064 Flamvell Guard (Common)
HAC1-EN065 Flamvell Dragnov (Common)
HAC1-EN066 Flamvell Magician (Common)
HAC1-EN067 Flamvell Grunika (Common)
HAC1-EN068 Flamvell Baby (Common)
HAC1-EN069 Neo Flamvell Origin (Common)
HAC1-EN070 Neo Flamvell Hedgehog (Common)
HAC1-EN071 Neo Flamvell Shaman (Common)
HAC1-EN072 Neo Flamvell Garuda (Common)
HAC1-EN073 Neo Flamvell Sabre (Common)
HAC1-EN074 Flamvell Urquizas (Common)
HAC1-EN075 Ancient Flamvell Deity (Common)

HAC1-EN076 Ally of Justice Clausolas (Common)
HAC1-EN077 Ally Mind (Common)
HAC1-EN078 Ally of Justice Garadholg (Common)
HAC1-EN079 Aly of Justice Rudra (Common)
HAC1-EN080 Ally of Justice Nullifier (Common)
HAC1-EN081 Ally of Justice Searcher (Common)
HAC1-EN082 Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher (Common)
HAC1-EN083 Ally of Justice Thunder Armor (Common)
HAC1-EN084 Ally of Justice Cosmic Gateway (Common)
HAC1-EN085 Ally of Justice Reverse Break (Common)
HAC1-EN086 Ally of Justice Unlimiter (Common)
HAC1-EN087 Ally of Justice Omni-Weapon (Common)
HAC1-EN088 Ally of Justice Quarantine (Common)
HAC1-EN089 Ally of Justice Cycle Reader (Common)
HAC1-EN090 Ally of Justice Catastor (Common)
HAC1-EN091 Ally of Justice Field Marshall (Common)
HAC1-EN092 Ally of Justice Decisive Armor (DT Ultra)

HAC1-EN093 Naturia Beetle (Common)
HAC1-EN094 Naturia Rock (Common)
HAC1-EN095 Naturia Guardian (Common)
HAC1-EN096 Naturia Vein (Common)
HAC1-EN097 Naturia Antjaw (Common)
HAC1-EN098 Naturia Spiderfang (Common)
HAC1-EN099 Naturia Rosewhip (Common)
HAC1-EN100 Naturia Cosmobeet (Common)
HAC1-EN101 Naturia Dragonfly (Common)
HAC1-EN102 Naturia Sunflower (Common)
HAC1-EN103 Naturia Cliff (Common)
HAC1-EN104 Naturia Tulip (Common)
HAC1-EN105 Naturia Horneedle (Common)
HAC1-EN106 Naturia Fruitfly (Common)
HAC1-EN107 Naturia Hydrangea (Common)
HAC1-EN108 Naturia Butterfly (Common)
HAC1-EN109 Naturia Ladybug (Common)
HAC1-EN110 Naturia Strawberry (Common)
HAC1-EN111 Naturia Bambooshoot (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN112 Naturia Stinkbug (Common)
HAC1-EN113 Naturia Mantis (Common)
HAC1-EN114 Naturia Ragweed (Common)
HAC1-EN115 Naturia White Oak (Common)
HAC1-EN116 Naturia Cherries (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN117 Naturia Pumpkin (Common)
HAC1-EN118 Naturia Pineapple (Common)
HAC1-EN119 Naturia Exterio (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN120 Naturia Beast (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN121 Naturia Leodrake (Common)
HAC1-EN122 Naturia Barkion (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN123 Naturia Landoise (Common)

HAC1-EN124 Fabled Lurrie (Common)
HAC1-EN125 Fabled Grimro (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN126 Fabled Gallabas (Common)
HAC1-EN127 Fabled Kushano (Common)
HAC1-EN128 Fabled Urustos (Common)
HAC1-EN129 Fabled Krus (Common)
HAC1-EN130 Fabled Topi (Common)
HAC1-EN131 Fabled Soulkius (Common)
HAC1-EN132 Fabled Miztoji (Common)
HAC1-EN133 Fabled Dyf (Common)
HAC1-EN134 Fabled Ashenveil (Common)
HAC1-EN135 Fabled Oltro (Common)
HAC1-EN136 The Fabled Chawa (Common)
HAC1-EN137 The Fabled Catsith (Common)
HAC1-EN138 The Fabled Cerburrel (Common)
HAC1-EN139 The Fabled Ganashia (Common)
HAC1-EN140 The Fabled Nozoochee (Common)
HAC1-EN141 The Fabled Peggulsus (Common)
HAC1-EN142 The Fabled Kokkator (Common)
HAC1-EN143 Fabled Dianaira (Common)
HAC1-EN144 Fabled Valkyrus (Common)
HAC1-EN145 Fabled Leviathan (Common)
HAC1-EN146 Fabled Ragin (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN147 The Fabled Unicore (Common)
HAC1-EN148 The Fabled Kudabbi (Common)

HAC1-EN149 Dragunity Dux (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN150 Dragunity Legionnaire (Common)
HAC1-EN151 Dragunity Tribus (Common)
HAC1-EN152 Dragunity Darkspear (Common)
HAC1-EN153 Dragunity Phalanx (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN154 Dragunity Militum (Common)
HAC1-EN155 Dragunity Primus Pilus (Common)
HAC1-EN156 Dragunity Brandistock (Common)
HAC1-EN157 Dragunity Javelin (Common)
HAC1-EN158 Dragunity Corseca (Common)
HAC1-EN159 Dragunity Partisan (Common)
HAC1-EN160 Dragunity Pilum (Common)
HAC1-EN161 Dragunity Angusticlavii (Common)
HAC1-EN162 Dragunity Knight – Gae Bulg (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN163 Dragunity Knight – Trident (Common)
HAC1-EN164 Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg (Common)
HAC1-EN165 Dragunity Knight – Barcha (DT Ultra)

HAC1-EN166 Mist Wurm (DT Ultra)
HAC1-EN167 Wrath of Neos (Common)
HAC1-EN168 Detonate (Common)
HAC1-EN169 Berserker Crush (Common)
HAC1-EN170 Evolution Burst (Common)
HAC1-EN171 Swallow’s Nest (Common)

HAC1-EN172 Dragunity Guisarme (Secret Rare) (NEW
HAC1-EN173 Armed Dragon, the Armored Dragon (Secret Rare) (NEW,_the_Armored_Dragon)
HAC1-EN174 Pile Armed Dragon (Secret Rare) (NEW
HAC1-EN175 Deep Sea Repetiteur (Secret Rare) (NEW
HAC1-EN176 Armory Arm (Secret Rare)
HAC1-EN177 Power Tool Dragon (Secret Rare)
HAC1-EN178 Formula Synchron (Secret Rare)

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