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[TCG] Early The Secret Forces Spoilers

Someone in France cracked the set it looks. Names are all tentative.

Edit: More Cards Added!
Edit 2: Card Numbering Added!

THSF-EN001 Mayosenju Daibak (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN002 Yosenju Misak (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN003 Yosenju Kama 1 (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN004 Yosenju Kama 2 (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN005 Yosenju Kama 3 (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN006 Yosenju Shinchu L (Super Rare)
THSF-EN007 Yosenju Shinchu R (Super Rare)
THSF-EN008 Yosen Training Ground Super Rare
THSF-EN009 Yosenju Secret Shot (Super Rare)
THSF-EN010 Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz (Super Rare)
THSF-EN011 Grand Sorcerer of the Nekroz (Super Rare)
THSF-EN012 Exa, Executor of the Nekroz (Super Rare)
THSF-EN013 Nekroz of Clausolas (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN014 Nekroz of Brionac (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN015 Nekroz of Trishula (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN016 Nekroz of Unicore (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN017 Nekroz of Valkyrus (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN018 Nekroz of Catastor (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN019 Nekroz of Decisive Armor (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN020 Nekroz Mirror (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN021 Nekroz Kaleidoscope (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN022 Ritual Beast Tamer Lara (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN023 Ritual Beast Tamer Elder (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN024 Ritual Beast Tamer Wen (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN025 Ritual Beast Apelio (Super Rare)
THSF-EN026 Ritual Beast Petolphin (Super Rare)
THSF-EN027 Ritual Beast Kannahawk (Super Rare)
THSF-EN028 Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN029 Ritual Beast Ulti-Petolphin (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN030 Ritual Beast Ulti-Kannahawk (Secret Rare)
THSF-EN031 Ritual Beast Connection (Super Rare)
THSF-EN032 Ritual Beast Steeds (Super Rare)
THSF-EN033 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands (Super Rare)

THSF-EN035 Armageddon Knight (Super Rare)
THSF-EN036 Djinn Releaser of Rituals (Super Rare)

THSF-EN047 Abyss Dweller (Super Rare)

THSF-EN052 Advanced Ritual Art (Super Rare)
THSF-EN053 Preparation of Rites (Super Rare)

THSF-EN059 Vanity’s Emptiness (Super Rare)

No Numbers
Necro Gardna
Djinn Presider of Rituals
Djinn Cursenchanter of Rituals
Djinn Prognosticator of Rituals
Djinn Disserere of Rituals
Gishki Chain
Gishki Shadow
Gishki Noellia
Gishki Vision
Cardcar D
Altitude Knight
Soul Release
Soul Absorption

We’re hearing that 1 Trish to every 3 Boxes and 1 Brionac to every 5 Boxes.



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