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[SGX3] Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadow set spoiler

Speed Duel be so speedy even the reveals were too fast. Secret Rares also listed separately at the bottom.

Note that due to being guaranteed Secret Rares, the three Sacred Beast cards are included with the other Secret Rares in the set, and Kagemaru’s deck will start at SGX3-ENG04.

Card Number Name Rarity Quantity
Supreme King Jaden Deck
SGX3-ENA01 Evil HERO Malicious Edge Common 1
SGX3-ENA02 Elemental HERO Avian Common 1
SGX3-ENA03 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix Common 1
SGX3-ENA04 Elemental HERO Clayman Common 1
SGX3-ENA05 Elemental HERO Sparkman Common 1
SGX3-ENA06 Elemental HERO Wildheart Common 1
SGX3-ENA07 Evil HERO Infernal Gainer Common 1
SGX3-ENA08 Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy Common 1
SGX3-ENA09 Sand Moth Common 1
SGX3-ENA10 Versago the Destroyer Common 1
SGX3-ENA11 Dark Ruler Ha Des Common 1
SGX3-ENA12 Absorbing Jar Common 1
SGX3-ENA13 Dark Fusion Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENA14 Dark Calling Common 1
SGX3-ENA15 Evil Mind Common 1
SGX3-ENA16 Dark World Lightning Common 1
SGX3-ENA17 Super Polymerization Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENA18 Hero Signal Common 1
SGX3-ENA19 Dark Deal Common 1
SGX3-ENA20 Windstorm of Etaqua Common 1
SGX3-ENA21 Evil HERO Malicious Fiend Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENA22 Evil HERO Inferno Wing Common 1
SGX3-ENA23 Evil HERO Wild Cyclone Common 1
SGX3-ENA24 Evil HERO Dark Gaia Common 1
SGX3-ENA25 Evil HERO Lightning Golem Common 1
Shadow Rider Nightshroud Deck
SGX3-ENB01 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENB02 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENB03 Luster Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENB04 Luster Dragon #2 Common 1
SGX3-ENB05 Black Dragon’s Chick Common 1
SGX3-ENB06 Red-Eyes Wyvern Common 1
SGX3-ENB07 Black Metal Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENB08 Troop Dragon Common 2
SGX3-ENB09 Mirage Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENB10 Spear Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENB11 Vanguard of the Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENB12 Totem Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENB13 Stamping Destruction Common 1
SGX3-ENB14 Dragon’s Gunfire Common 1
SGX3-ENB15 Cosmic Cyclone Common 1
SGX3-ENB16 Swing of Memories Common 1
SGX3-ENB17 Dragon’s Rage Common 1
SGX3-ENB18 Negate Attack Common 1
SGX3-ENB19 Red-Eyes Spirit Common 1
Shadow Rider Camula Deck
SGX3-ENC01 Vampire Genesis Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENC02 Vampire Baby Common 1
SGX3-ENC03 Vampire Familiar Common 1
SGX3-ENC04 Vampire Lady Common 1
SGX3-ENC05 Vampire Lord Common 1
SGX3-ENC06 Vampire Retainer Common 1
SGX3-ENC07 Vampire Sorcerer Common 1
SGX3-ENC08 Vampire’s Curse Common 1
SGX3-ENC09 Zombina Common 1
SGX3-ENC10 Goblin Zombie Common 1
SGX3-ENC11 Plague Wolf Common 1
SGX3-ENC12 Heavy Knight of the Flame Common 1
SGX3-ENC13 Ryu Kokki Common 1
SGX3-ENC14 Call of the Mummy Common 1
SGX3-ENC15 Book of Life Common 1
SGX3-ENC16 Foolish Burial Common 1
SGX3-ENC17 Soul Exchange Common 1
SGX3-ENC18 Vampire’s Desire Common 1
SGX3-ENC19 The Forceful Checkpoint Common 1
SGX3-ENC20 Vampire Awakening Common 1
Shadow Rider Tania Deck
SGX3-END01 Amazoness Queen Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-END02 Amazoness Swords Woman Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-END03 Amazoness Tiger Common 1
SGX3-END04 Amazoness Paladin Common 1
SGX3-END05 Amazoness Chain Master Common 1
SGX3-END06 Amazoness Fighter Common 1
SGX3-END07 Amazoness Trainee Common 1
SGX3-END08 Amazoness Sage Common 1
SGX3-END09 Amazoness Scouts Common 1
SGX3-END10 Battle Survivor Common 1
SGX3-END11 Reinforcement of the Army Common 1
SGX3-END12 Amazoness Heirloom Common 1
SGX3-END13 Amazoness Village Common 1
SGX3-END14 Amazoness Fighting Spirit Common 1
SGX3-END15 Amazoness Spellcaster Common 1
SGX3-END16 Amazoness Archers Common 1
SGX3-END17 Amazoness Willpower Common 1
SGX3-END18 Dramatic Rescue Common 1
SGX3-END19 Queen’s Pawn Common 1
SGX3-END20 Half Counter Common 1
Shadow Rider Titan Deck
SGX3-ENE01 Skull Archfiend of Lightning Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENE02 Archfiend Soldier Common 1
SGX3-ENE03 Terrorking Archfiend Common 1
SGX3-ENE04 Infernalqueen Archfiend Common 1
SXG3-ENE05 Vilepawn Archfiend Common 1
SGX3-ENE06 Shadowknight Archfiend Common 1
SGX3-ENE07 Darkbishop Archfiend Common 1
SGX3-ENE08 Desrook Archfiend Common 1
SGX3-ENE09 Giant Orc Common 1
SGX3-ENE10 Mist Archfiend Common 1
SGX3-ENE11 Anhillator Archfiend Common 1
SGX3-ENE12 Archfiend General Common 1
SGX3-ENE13 Foolish Burial Common 1
SGX3-ENE14 Pandemonium Common 1
SGX3-ENE15 Checkmate Common 1
SGX3-ENE16 Axe of Despair Common 1
SGX3-ENE17 Double Spell Common 1
SGX3-ENE18 Archfiend’s Roar Common 1
SGX3-ENE19 Battle-Scarred Common 1
SGX3-ENE20 Bark of Dark Ruler Common 1
Shadow Rider Amnael Deck
SGX3-ENF01 Helios – The Primordial Sun Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENF02 Golden Homunculus Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENF03 Bazoo the Soul-Eater Common 1
SGX3-ENF04 Chaosrider Gustaph Common 1
SGX3-ENF05 Diskblade Rider Common 1
SGX3-ENF06 D.D. Survivor Common 1
SGX3-ENF07 D.D. Scout Plane Common 1
SGX3-ENF08 D.D.M. – Different Dimension Master Common 1
SGX3-ENF09 Banisher of the Radiance Common 1
SGX3-ENF10 D.D. Crow Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENF11 D.D. Destroyer Common 1
SGX3-ENF12 Gren Maju Da Eiza Common 1
SGX3-ENF13 Tribe-Shocking Virus Common 1
SGX3-ENF14 Soul Release Common 1
SGX3-ENF15 Galaxy Cyclone Common 1
SGX3-ENF16 Grand Convergence Common 1
SGX3-ENF17 Different Dimension Gate Common 1
SGX3-ENF18 Different Dimension Encounter Common 1
SGX3-ENF19 Macro Cosmos Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENF20 Curse of Aging Common 1
Kagemaru Deck
SGX3-ENG01 Uria, Lord of Searing Flames Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENG02 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENG03 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENG04 Dark Summoning Beast Common 1
SGX3-ENG05 Mad Reloader Common 1
SGX3-ENG06 D-Boyz Common 2
SGX3-ENG07 Gravitic Orb Common 1
SGX3-ENG08 Goblin King Common 1
SGX3-ENG09 Grave Protector Common 1
SGX3-ENG10 Fallen Paradise Common 1
SGX3-ENG11 Cerulean Skyfire Common 1
SGX3-ENG12 Veil of Darkness Common 1
SGX3-ENG13 Backup Squad Common 1
SGX3-ENG14 Different Dimension Gate Common 1
SGX3-ENG15 Awakening of the Sacred Beasts Common 1
SGX3-ENG16 Unending Nightmare Common 1
SGX3-ENG17 Aegis of Gaia Common 1
SGX3-ENG18 Swamp Mirrorer Common 1
SGX3-ENG19 Final Attack Orders Common 1
Adrian Gecko Deck
SGX3-ENH01 Fog King Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENH02 Cloudian – Eye of the Typhoon Common 1
SGX3-ENH03 Cloudian – Acid Cloud Common 1
SGX3-ENH04 Cloudian – Altus Common 1
SGX3-ENH05 Cloudian – Cirrostratus Common 1
SGX3-ENH06 Cloudian – Ghost Fog Common 1
SGX3-ENH07 Clouldian – Turbulence Common 1
SGX3-ENH08 Clouldian – Smoke Ball Common 1
SGX3-ENH09 Cloudian – Nimbusman Common 1
SGX3-ENH10 Cloudian – Storm Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENH11 Vortex Trooper Common 1
SGX3-ENH12 Mother Grizzly Common 1
SGX3-ENH13 Cloudian Aerosol Common 1
SGX3-ENH14 Cloudian Squall Common 1
SGX3-ENH15 Summon Cloud Common 1
SGX3-ENH16 Diamond-Dust Cyclone Common 1
SGX3-ENH17 Fog Control Common 1
SGX3-ENH18 Raging Cloudian Common 1
SGX3-ENH19 Rain Storm Common 1
SGX3-ENH20 Wall of Disruption Common 1
Miscellaneous cards
SGX3-ENI01 Dark Scorpion – Chick the Yellow Common 1
SGX3-ENI02 Dark Scorpion – Cliff the Trap Remover Common 1
SGX3-ENI03 Pharaoh’s Servant Common 1
SGX3-ENI04 Pharaonic Protector Common 1
SGX3-ENI05 Spirit of the Pharaoh Common 1
SGX3-ENI06 The First Sarcophagus Common 1
SGX3-ENI07 The Second Sarcophagus Common 1
SGX3-ENI08 The Third Sarcophagus Common 1
SGX3-ENI09 Gagagigo Common 1
SGX3-ENI10 Bitelon Common 1
SGX3-ENI11 Obsidian Dragon Common 1
SGX3-ENI12 Zure, Knight of Dark World Common 1
SGX3-ENI13 Brron, Mad King of Dark World Common 1
SGX3-ENI14 Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World Common 1
SGX3-ENI15 Legendary Jujitsu Master Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENI16 Imprisoned Queen Archfiend Common 1
SGX3-EN17 Il Blud Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENI18 Pitch-Black Warwolf Common 1
SGX3-ENI19 Vampire Hunter Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENI20 Aqua Spirit Common 1
SGX3-ENI21 Garuda the Wind Spirit Common 1
SGX3-ENI22 Helios Duo Megistus Common 1
SGX3-ENI23 Helios Tice Magistus Common 1
SGX3-ENI24 Cloudian – Sheep Cloud Common 1
SGX3-ENI25 Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENI26 Terrorking Salmon Common 1
SGX3-ENI27 Armed Dragon LV10 Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENI28 Cyber Dragon (alternate art) Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENI29 Vampiric Koala Common 1
SGX3-ENI30 Allure of Darkness Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENI31 Book of Life Common 1
SGX3-ENI32 Counter Cleaner Common 1
SGX3-ENI33 Flash of the Forbidden Spell Common 1
SGX3-ENI34 Aqua Chorus Common/Secret Rare 1
SGX3-ENI35 Chaos Trap Hole Common 1
SGX3-ENI36 Human-Wave Tactics Common 1
SGX3-ENI37 Nightmare Wheel Common 1
SGX3-ENI38 Zoma the Spirit Common 1
Skill Cards
SGX3-ENS01 Ruthless Means Common 1
SGX3-ENS02 Forged Steel Common 1
SGX3-ENS03 Vampire Aristocracy Common 1
SGX3-ENS04 Welcome to the Jungle Common 1
SGX3-ENS05 Archfiend’s Conscription Common 1
SGX3-ENS06 Professor of Alchemy Common 1
SGX3-ENS07 Unlocking the Power Common 1
SGX3-ENS08 Fog Warning Common 1
SGX3-ENS09 Dark Unity Common 1
SGX3-ENS10 Dragon Force Common 1
SGX3-ENS11 Delicious Morsel Common 1
SGX3-ENS12 Order of the Queen Common 1
SGX3-ENS13 Archfiend’s Promotion Common 1
SGX3-ENS14 Setting Sun Common 1
SGX3-ENS15 Victory of the Shadow Riders Common 1
SGX3-ENS16 Cloudy Skies of Grey Common 1
SGX3-ENS17 No One Suspects the Dark Scorpion Gang! Common 1
SGX3-ENS18 Ancient Ruler Rises Common 1
SGX3-ENS19 Cold-Blooded Tactician Common 1
SGX3-ENS20 Dark Creation Common 1

The Secret Rares are as follows:

Dark Fusion
Super Polymerization
Evil HERO Malicious Fiend
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
Vampire Genesis
Amazoness Queen
Amazoness Swords Woman
Skull Archfiend of Lightning
Helios – The Primordial Sun
Golden Homunculus
D.D. Crow
Macro Cosmos
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames (guaranteed)
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder (guaranteed)
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms (guaranteed)
Fog King
Legendary Jujitsu Master
Il Blud
Vampire Hunter
Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman
Armed Dragon LV10
Cyber Dragon
Allure of Darkness
Aqua Chorus



Ruthless Means
Supreme King/Skill
Once per Duel, during your Main Phase, if you control an “Evil HERO” monster, you can discard 1 card to make 1 face-up monster your opponent controls lose ATK equal to its own DEF, or lose DEF equal to its own ATK (your choice).

Forged Steel
Once per Duel, during your Main Phase, you can change the name of 1 “Red-Eyes” monster or 1 Dragon Normal Monster you control to “Red-Eyes Black Dragon” while it’s face-up on the field. Each “Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon” you control gains the following effect.
•Once per turn, during your Main Phase: You can Special Summon 1 Dragon monster from your GY that can be Normal Summoned/Set.

Vampire Aristocracy
Once per Duel, during your Main Phase, you can change the name of 1 Zombie “Vampire” monster you control to “Vampire Lord” while it’s face-up on the field. Each “Vampire Genesis” you control gains the following effect.
•If this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent: You can target 1 card in your opponent’s GY; Set it on your field.

Welcome to the Jungle
After damage calculation, if you took battle damage from a battle involving an opponent’s monster and your Attack Position “Amazoness” monster, that opponent’s monster loses ATK/DEF equal to the ATK of the “Amazoness” monster it battle, until the end of this turn.

Archfiend’s Conscription
You cannot Summon/Set non-Fiend monsters. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can roll a six-sided die. If you do, you lose LP equal to the result x 200, but if the result is 2, 3 or 4, you can Special Summon 1 “Archfiend” monster with a Level equal to the result from your hand, Deck or GY.

Professor of Alchemy
“Alchemy Beast Tokens” can attack directly. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can banish 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your hand or face-up field to Special Summon 1 “Alchemy Beast Token” (Rock/Level 3/ATK 500/DEF 500) with the same Attribute as the banished monster. It cannot be Tributed, except for the face-up Tribute Summon of “Golden Homunculus”.

Unlocking the Power
When you Special Summon “Uria, Lord of Searing Flames”, “Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder”, or “Raviel, Lord of Phantasms” using the method mentioned on that card, you can use face-up Fiend monsters, Continuous Spells and/or continuous Trap Cards you control, regardless of the Type that text requires.

Fog Warning
Each time you place a Fog Counter(s) on a monster(s), give it an additional Fog Counter.

Dark Unity
Supreme King/Skill
You can use “Super Polymerization” to Fusion Summon monsters that can normally only be Summoned with “Dark Fusion”. Each of the following Skills can only be used once per Duel.
•Lose 2000 LP, then change the Type of 1 Special Summoned monster your opponent controls to Rock.
•Discard 1 card, then add 1 “Dark Fusion” from your Deck to your hand.

Dragon Force
Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can banish 1 Dragon Normal Monster from your GY to make 1 Dragon Normal Monster you control gain 200 ATK x that banished monster’s Level until the end of this turn, also if it attacks a Defense Position monster this turn, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent.

Delicious Morsel!
During the End Phase, if a Zombie “Vampire” monster you control inflicted battle damage to your opponent this turn, gain LP equal to half the total battle damage your monsters inflicted to your opponent this turn.

Order of the Queen
While you control “Amazoness Queen”, negate the effects of Effect Monsters destroyed by battle with attacking “Amazoness” monsters you control.

Archfiend’s Promotion
Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control “Vilepawn Archfiend” and your opponent controls no card in its same column, you can Tribute it to Special Summon 1 Level 8 or lower “Archfiend” monster from your hand or Deck that has “Queen”, “Bishop”, “Rook”, or “Knight” in its name.

Setting Sun
Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control a monster whose ATK was ? in the Deck, you can banish 1 card from your hand, then add 1 monster from your Deck to your hand with ? ATK, but with a different name than the cards you control. “Helios” monsters you control cannot be banished.

Victory of the Shadow Riders
Kagemaru/Skill/Continuous Spell
When this Skill is activated, add 1 “Uria, Lord of Searing Flames”, “Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder”, or “Raviel, Lord of Phantasms” from your Deck to your hand. Once per turn, you can discard 1 card, then Special Summon 1 Fiend monster with 0 ATK/DEF from your GY.

Cloudy Skies of Grey
Each time a “Cloudian” monster with a Fog Counter(s) is destroyed, place its Fog Counters on another face-up monster on the field.

No One Suspects the Dark Scorpion Gang!
Don Zaloog/Skill
Once per Duel, during your Main Phase, if you control “Don Zaloog”, you can discard 1 card to Special Summon 2 “Dark Scorpion” monsters with different names from your hand and Deck (1 from each). “Don Zaloog” and “Dark Scorpion” monsters you control can attack directly, but when they do so using this Skill, the battle damage inflicted to your opponent becomes 400. You cannot Summon or Set any monsters except “Don Zaloog” and/or “Dark Scorpion” monsters.

Ancient Ruler Rises
Apply the following Skills:
•Once per turn, you can send 1 Level 2 Zombie monster from your Deck to the GY and place 1 of your “The First Sarcophagus”, “The Second Sarcophagus” or “The Third Sarcohpagus” from your Deck, GY or that is banished, face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone (This is treated as being placed by the effect of “The First Sarcophagus”.)
•Each “Spirit of the Pharaoh” you control gains ATK equal to the total number of “Pharaoh’s Servant” and “Pharaonic Protector” on your field and in your GY x 900.

Cold-Blooded Tactician
Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can change the battle positions of monsters your opponent controls, up to the number of face-up Reptile monsters you control.

Dark Creation
Once per Duel, during your Main Phase, if you have 5 or more DARK monsters in your GY with different names and control no monsters, yuou can banish 1 DARK monster from your GY then Special Summon 1 DARK monster from your GY.

Sources are the content creator set reveals

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