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[OCG] Vote for a Theme in Collection Pack 2020

Vote for your favorite Deck you want to see be made real!

Players will be able to vote on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Database starting today, until the 16th, on what theme of the 12 below will be included in Collection Pack 2020. ONLY First Place will be made into a real theme.

You will need a Konami ID to log in.

Interim Results will be announced on the 14th, with final results on the 17th.

The themes of choices are…

  • Jean Claude Magnum’s “Ninja” Cards
  • Tenma Yako’s “The Wicked” related Cards
  • Alice’s “Doll Parts” Cards
  • Jim Crocodile Cook’s “Fossil” Cards
  • The Crimson Devil’s Servant’s “Abyss” Cards
  • Syd’s “Wheel” Cards
  • Jin/Fortuno’s “Shaman” Cards
  • Takashi Todoroki/Caswell Francis’ “Debugger” Cards
  • Sergy Volkov’s “Thorn Prisoner” Cards
  • Syuzo Hiiragi/Skip Boyle’s “Guts Master”Cards
  • Specter’s “Sunavalon” Cards
  • Blood Shepard’s “Drone” Cards

If you wish to vote, please go here: Voting Page

In order to vote, you need to be both logged in and have the website set to Japanese.

Click the theme of choice,



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