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[Duel Links] Monster World (May 2019)

It’s another chance to get Tristan and a new skill for Yami Bakura.

Dice Battles can now be played automatically, so you don’t have to keep tapping or clicking the button.

The character Icon is now Magic Cowboy Tristan.

It’s now easier to use Potions and acquire Stamina Potions.

Defeat Zorc at least once to unlock Tristan, who remains something of a gag/gimmick character in-game

Clear the event overall and you’ll be able to get a new skill for Yami Bakura

“Zorc Appears”
Roll a six-sided die. If the result is less than the current turn count, play 1 “Dark Master – Zorc” from your hand. This Skill can only be used once per turn.

Noteworthy Card Additions this time around are:

  • Ghost Shop (UR)
  • Yaksha (SR)
  • Skull Dog Marron (R)
  • Dark King of the Abyss (N)
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