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YGOrganization as it enters 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, we look to the future. Some plans, some changes, and lots of growth.

Let’s face it. 2016 has sucked. It has killed everything from celebrities, to Dueling Network, to peoples faith in their own countries with things like brexit and just about every other election, no matter who you voted for. Even here at YGOrganization we said our first goodbyes to numbers since the launch of the site with Rei and Psychic Kid, and to our original sponsor, iDeal808 who had been with us since day 1 over three years ago.

So we’re going to try and focus on the positives that we are closing the year on, and look ahead to making 2017 the best year we’ve ever had on the site. Let’s start with what you guys have already seen and then get into what’s planned.

Complexity Card Gaming
Starting back on December 2nd with Marcel Burri; YGOrg has become a new home for CCG. They’ve come on to provide strategy articles to go along with your news and we’re super excited to have them. We had a rocky start on that first one but once the transition was complete and the communication was cleared, The second one went even better. Themis Gkyzis really knocked it out of the park with this one and we thank him. We even have Tournament Reports from YCS’s now./

As some of you have already seen, we have a podcast now! We released our first episode here.
We’ve recorded some more, but due to the busy time of year and other projects, they haven’t been released yet (and still will be!). Once we finish getting the team ironed out and trained you can expect those to be weekly. The holidays as always are a busy time, so we’re hoping to get the weekly commitment started in January with the new year.

Twitch Streams
We have begun live streaming on Twitch. We’ve done a few weekend local tournament broadcasts and hope to continue those, as well as streams of Legacy of the Duelist. We also plan to stream in-house dueling and other multiplayer online streams.

Our newest advertiser who will be replacing iDeal808 is tcgplayer. We are happy to welcome them to our home and hope to work with them throughout 2017 and beyond.

Cardmarket is a new advertisement we’ve been featuring on the right for our European players, and a big part of this is that like working with CCG, we want to make sure to include not just North America.

The Youtube equipment is done, and we are ready to begin recording. Look forward to the launch of a weekly rotating schedule of content starting in 2017! Feel free to subscribe now and be notified as soon as our first new video is posted!

The Dark Side of Dimensions
Starting off the new year on the 27th of January we’re getting a new feature length film. The Dark Side of Dimensions features the returns of Yugi, Kaiba, and other favourites from the original era of the series and the nostalgia has been pretty great for the game.
A product of this new surgence among other factors resulted in the largest Yu-Gi-Oh! Event in the history of Europe. More than 1600 players were at YCS Bochum this past weekend and a significant portion of them were returning players who were hyped about the movie they got to see trailers for at the convention prior.

Our Patreon page received a nice update, and we’re still curious what kind of rewards you guys would like to see from it. We’ve recently paired it with our discord so those more ambitious readers who support us can get the recognition they deserve.

2016 sucked for a lot of us, so we’re going to really focus on making 2017 better. The only way I can improve things beyond this point is with feedback from our viewers, so please do head on over to our forums and let me know what you guys would like to see from us in the future.