[SEVENS] More Plot Details!

You don’t just Duel Goha Corp style, you live Goha Corp style.

The “Goha City” That Yuga And His Pals Live In Is!?

The Megacorp, Goha Corp, runs the metropolis called “Goha City”. Goha Corp doesn’t just control Dueling, they also have a major say in the daily necessities of its city’s citizens, such as food, clothing and even shelter.

Let’s Take A Look At Yuga’s Room/Apartment! It’s Also Called The “Road Laboratory”

Yuga’s Research Room, also known as the “Road Laboratory”! Let’s take a look inside! In here, Yuga develops all of his various inventions, that he calls “Roads”!!

“Road Laboratory” Has Been Discovered!? Let’s Reveal Yuga’s Roads!!

We’ve discovered a mysterious blueprint hidden in the lab! It appears to be a drone but it’s full of expressions… It’s true identity is actually!?

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