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[TCG] VIP Qualifiers

Apparently the TCG is adding a new element to the YCS experience, likely to give more regular attendants of the events a bigger bang for their buck.

So! I have some interesting news to share with you. We don’t have a FAQ up for this yet, but since YCS Anaheim is coming up fast I want to help get the word out.
KDE-US is launching a new OP program, and this first installment will tie in with YCS Anaheim. We call it the VIP (Very Important Player) Qualifier. These tournaments are available to select Top Performing OTS.
These stores can schedule and run a tournament that will award a VIP package to the winner – this package is redeemable only at the YCS for which the qualifier is being held.
The VIP Qualifier tournament is run in Advanced Format, Constructed Deck, Swiss rounds; followed by a Top 8 Draft playoff.
What do you win?
The VIP Package includes (this package is for the specific YCS for which the qualifier is being run):
  • Free entry into the YCS
    All participation prizing (booster packs, YCS token, etc.)
    Assigned seating in the VIP Section of the YCS.
    A player profile on the YCS Coverage Site
    A two-round bye into the YCS
Prizing is non transferable, and again it is ONLY for the YCS for which the Qualifier is being held.
For a list of stores running VIP Qualifiers, check the “Special Tournaments” section of the website, here:



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