[VBEX3] Number 11: Libromancer

Oh joy, just what we needed another origin story



The one appearing before the eyes of a shy young boy who loves manga and comics was none other than the hero “Firestarter”, flying out of his comic book!? As monsters and men in black clothes appear in the city…The battle of the young boy and the hero begins now!!

One day, a young boy gets his hands on the latest issue of “Firestarter” and hurries home. Then suddenly he hears an inexplicable roar and scream. The boy turns a corner and sees a black shadowy monster he’s never seen before, and his classmate lying on the street!

Libromancer Magigirl

Libromancer Geek Boy
The moment he saw the shadow was about to attack the girl, the boy rushed forward without a second thought! But then, at that moment, the copy of “Firestarter” in his hand began to glow with a dazzling radiance, as a miracle occurred!

Libromancer First Appearance
What flew out of the comic book was the superhero he admired, “Firestarter”! “In order to manifest my power in this world, lend me your body!” The young boy agrees, and unites with “Firestarter”!

Libromancer Firestarter
The boy narrowly defeats the monster that attacked the girl. The true identity of the monster was similar to “Firestarter”, it was a member of a group of villains that had appeared from the book, hijacking people’s bodies. The boy finally rescued the girl and the person who had been hijacked, but then foes appear one after another, and the situation takes a turn for the worse!

Libromancer Doombroker

Libromancer Agent

Libromancer Intervention
Then he grabbed the girl and tried to run, but he ended up cornered in an alleyway. In the blink of an eye, the enemy was instantly struck down and restrained by a man with the same hero powers as the boy…!


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