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[Duel Links] Structure Deck EX: Sword of Paladin & Structure Deck Sale!

You thought you can escape from Dark Magician in Duel Links? Noh, Dark Magician is life, Dark Magician is love.

In celebration of Duel Links’ 5th Anniversary, a new Structure Deck EX arrive! Featuring the iconic, “Dark Paladin“!


  • The Dark – Hex-Sealed Fusion x1
  • Apprentice Magician x1
  • Buster Blader x1
  • Old Vindictive Magician x1
  • Blast Magician x1
  • Cosmo Brain x2
  • Gemini Elf x1
  • Luster Dragon x1
  • Hunter Dragon x1
  • Cosmo Queen x1
  • Koumori Dragon x1
  • The Illusory Gentleman x2


  • Strength in Unity x1
  • De-Fusion x1
  • Flash Fusion x1
  • Magicalized Fusion x1


  • Magician Navigation x2
  • Destined Rivals Trap x1

Extra Deck

  • Dark Paladin x1
  • Ebon High Magician x1

By purchasing this Structure Deck’s release celebration 1 time offer, you’ll also get something special~


Celebration Sale until February 14

Structure Deck

The following deals are available for a Special Price!

(No Purchase Limit)

  • Sorcerer’s Alliance
  • Dragonic Force
  • Legendary Warriors
  • HERO Rising
  • Destiny Rulers
  • Dragonic Knights
  • Synchro Connection
  • Swordbound Silence
  • Return of the Red-Eyes
  • HERO Generation
  • Gagaga Xyz
  • Magicians Arc
  • This sale does not apply to bundle deals.
  • Those who have not purchased this deal should be aware that it is the same price as the Card Sleeves bundle deal.

Structure Deck EX

For a limited time, the following deals are available for a Special price!

(Purchase Limit: 1)

  • Spellbound Silence
  • The White Dragon of Legend
  • Ancient Gear Awakening
  • Neos Fusion
  • Full Metal Desperado
  • Masters of Chaos
  • King’s Resonance
  • Dragunity Overdrive
  • Gladiator’s Storm
  • Return of the Fire Kings
  • Tales of the Noble Knights
  • Blue-Eyes Evolution
  • Stardust Nexus
  • Rise of Gaia
  • Evil Domination
  • D/D/D Apocalypse
  • Cyber Style Extreme
  • For the Structure Deck EX sale, the limited time sale deal will replace the regular discount deal “(Release Celebration) (Purchase Limit: 1),” if you have not purchased that deal yet.

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