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[Lore] Master Guide 6 SPYRAL lore

Surprising lack of NANOMACHINES.

There is no such thing as an impossible mission for a Super Agent!

A peaceful era with no such thing as wars. However, under that surface lies a major information war among the world powers. SPYRAL is a group of secret spies, in charge of tackling the toughest missions where the very prestige of countries is at stake.


Super Agent and Tough are in charge of intelligence assessments, under the orders of the commander Master Plan and using the SPYRAL GEARs developed by Quik-Fix. Countless crises have been averted thanks to them.

SPYRAL GEARs: the spy machines developed by Quik-Fix

The latest tech is being developed with very possible situation in mind.

The beautiful women around Super Agent

There is never a time when the dandy Super Agent is not surrounded by beautiful women.

Super Agent’s mentor who was defiled by evil

SPYRAL Sleeper

A former mentor and partner of Super Agent. His whereabouts were unknown after a certain incident, but in reality, he was brainwashed by an organization of an enemy nation.

The dangerous missions of SPYRAL!

Covert ops are the bread and butter of SPYRAL, but if the mission demands it, they won’t back down from a fight. Each of the secret agents of SPYRAL train day and night to obtain a superhuman body, for when push comes to shove.

Super Agent recaptures some top secret information that has been stolen. The operation is a success thanks to the cooperation of Misty, but it seems Misty herself is selling off that information. At the same time, they learn that Quik-Fix has been abducted.

They rushed to the rescue, only to find Sleeper waiting for them. After a fierce fight, the brainwashing was broken but Sleeper himself was no longer part of this mortal coil. In order to shoulder the burden of this tragedy, Super Agent equipped himself with one of Sleeper’s gadgets.

Super Agent, after freeing Sleeper from the Brainwashing!