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[TCG] New COVID-19 Related Tournament Policy (For Europe Run Regions)

Okay, let’s run down a list of items. Hopefully the other branch of the TCG follows up on this for clarification.

Effective immediately for EMEA, New Zealand and Australia:

  • You can no longer touch your opponent’s cards or items (due to COVID-19)
  • You should be carrying Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer with you and be using it frequently throughout any event.
  • If you display any symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, dry cough, tiredness, difficulty breathing, chest pains or pressure, do not attend events.
  • If you show any symptoms or signs if illness, Tournament Organizers reserve the right to deny entry to the venue. Should entry be refused, KONAMI and/or Tournament Organizers are not responsible for expenses.
  • Follow all local Social Distancing rules. This may result in restrictions on how many people can be in a venue, distance, and rules regarding protection equipment.
  • When trading cards, use hand sanitizer after touching someone else’s belong.
  • Ask permission to touch things. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face.
  • If the local government requires face protection in a venue, you must be responsible for having said equipment. Konami encourages you even if the local government for some reason does not require face protection equipment.
  • By facial protection, they mean things like surrgical masks, home made cotton mouth masks, protective visors. Things to cover your mouth and nose.
  • Smartphones may be used at Tier 1 Events (i.e. Sneak peeks, Duelist Leagues, and Official Tournament Store tier events), but only for keeping track of Life Points (via calculator) as well as using the Card Database for checking texts and translations.
  • As touching your opponent’s cards is heavily frowned upon during the COVID-19 pandemic, your opponent has the right to request you shuffle your Deck again as a final cut.



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