[TCG] Speed Duel Tournament Pack 6

Rarity upgrades for HEROes, banishing cards, and more. No word on whether any Skills are included.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) Speed Duel Tournament Pack 6 is coming to Official Tournament Stores near you!
Speed Duel Tournament Packs are not-for-sale items provided EXCLUSIVELY to KONAMI’s Official Tournament Stores, to be used as participation prizing for Duelists entering Speed Duel tournaments.

Speed Duel Tournament Pack 6 has new foil Speed Duel-legal cards to upgrade your Deck. D.D. Survivor has survived long enough to finally be obtainable as an Ultra Rare! You can make sure that it’s banished when it leaves the field, along with any other card that would go to the Graveyard, with Banisher of Radiance, also available as an Ultra Rare!

Burn away enemy monsters and draw a card with the powerful Fusion Monster Elemental HERO Nova Master or prepare the way for a Tribute Summon by Special Summoning Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy from your hand, with Super Rare versions of each! You’ll also have a chance to get Common versions of Speed Duel-legal cards you might be missing, such as King of the Skull Servants, Hidden Armory, and Lost Wind.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Speed Duel Tournament Pack 6 is a 35-card set:

  • 20 Commons
  • 10 Super Rares
  • 5 Ultra Rares

Each Speed Duel Tournament Pack 6 contains 2 Commons and 1 foil card.

To use a card in Speed Duel it must have the Speed Duel Symbol on the card, cards without the Symbol are not legal, but Speed Duel cards can be used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Skill Cards may only be used in Speed Duel.

*Set contents subject to change

  • Set Size: 35
  • Official Tournament Store Launch Date: 09/06/2023
  • Launch Date: 09/06/2023
  • Konami Tournament Legal Date: 09/06/2023
  • MSRP: Available as a Tournament Prize or Participation Pack only


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