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[RUSH DUEL] Jump Festa 2023 Day 1: General News

Everything not a specific product (Rush Duel Edition)

Duel Disk: Yudias Version is currently on sale

It comes with 5 Secret Rare Promo Cards we’ve previously revealed

“Dark Magician” Secret Rare Special Blue Version Get Campaign

Scratch Lotto!

Dark Magician itself, in Secret Rare Special Blue Version foiling

Get tickets by buying the Yudias Duel Disk!

Cyber Dragon are in Rush Duel!

Blaze Fiends introduce a new Maximum that lets you destroy cards, draw cards and is invincible to Spells and Traps!

There’s a Red-Eyes Black Dragon Secret Rare Special Blue Version GET Campaign!!

Reminder, you can use 1 Legend Monster, 1 Legend Spell, and 1 Legend Trap each in your Deck starting January 1st, 2023 at official events!

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