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Ritual Beasts start winning Regional TCG events

The most under-estimated deck of the secret forces shows just what it’s capable of

This weekend may be YCS Tacoma, but that didn’t stop Germany and Switzerland from each holding WCQ regional qualifiers. While Nekroz tears the west coast of America apart, It’s spiritual beasts that are showing Europe what they’re made of; and it’s pretty tough stuff. A compliment of confusing rulings, amazingly diverse effects, and nobody side decking against you (or even knowing how), Ritual beasts managed to take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd this weekend between the two regionals, with Germany’s finals being a perfect mirror match.

Dueling Network Screenshot

Both 1st and 2nd place used this exact deck, all 70 cards. They ended up both making it to the finals. We weren’t able to catch up with these players to ask them questions about it. We’d very much like to, and would update this article if they have the time to discuss their decisions and match-ups with us.

This one is by Lukas Randegger, third place at the Swiss Regional. We did manage to catch him and run a few questions. Turns out he only ran 1 Rampgenu because it’s all he could find! Lukas known in his area as the ‘go-to’ Nekroz guy, opted to play the spirit beasts instead. He isn’t sure what he’d cut for Rampengu, he says possibly even Snatch Steal. His extra deck was missing Lightning Chidori, and he wouldn’t have run a 3rd dolphin to make that particular swap. Debris dragon was ‘okay’ but made him wish he had a level 6 Dragon-Type Synchro. Who knows, with these changes he may have won it all! He says lara is much better than wen, and may switch to 3 and 1.

round 1: BA, MVP was Steeds on the BA summoned off TGU, and Macro Cosmos
round 2: HERO, the fact that Dark Law doesn’t do anything to ritual beasts is amazing, sided de-fusion were ok too
anyway, round 3 qliphort
game 1 he went double scout, and used laser qli to get 2 summons instead of pendulum -> tribute
won because steeds, and beatdown with ulti-apelio
game 2 i bricked and he had towers
game 3 i black horned his pendulum for 3 (2 were from the hand)
round 4 lost to yosenju, well to emptiness basically
round 5 won vs qli, he wasn’t prepared for Ritual Beast, and had nothing against it except the emptinesses
round 6 won vs Nekroz, Mind Crush, Chaos Trap Hole and Steeds were extremely helpful
also, double ulti-apelio, then that quickplay spell to summon another one
so, 5-1, 3rd

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