[VBEX2 Lore] Number 1: Albaz & Ecclesia Part 2

Rise of the theater kids.

STORY & ILLUSTRATIONS No.01: The Land of the Abyss

A boy and a girl who met at the “Dogmatika Nation”. The waves of fate that engulf them only grow larger and more violent as many different factions get involved.

The story of “Albaz” and “Ecclesia”

The dragon that appeared in “Dogmatika” from an interdimensional door was taken down by the “Knights of Holy Teachings”, and took the form of a young boy. “Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous” who happened to be there protected the boy, steeling herself from being denounced as a heretic. With the help of the formerly hostile “Tri-Brigade”, they managed to escape their predicament and resolved to start their wandering travels together.

Fallen of Albaz

Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous

The Pair that met at “Dogmatika” arrive at “Golgonda”

Thanks to the guidance of the mechanical bird “Mercourier” given to them by the “Tri-Brigade”, the pair arrived at the “Grand Sand Sea” , where they were ushered in by the “Springans”. The two finally earned a brief respite, but in the land of “Dogmatika” that they left behind, a horrifying ritual was being performed.

Springans Booty

The Demise of the Great Nation of Dogmatika
The Day of the Gospel

“Maximus” looked up to the firmament in the sacred land of the “Dogmatika Nation”. He finally moves toward carrying out his long-desired ritual. It consisted of a forbidden technique to awaken the “brands” that his countrymen bore, which they happily boasted of as “stigmata”, in order to make dark powers erupt from the opened “Hole”. As “Maximus” slowly opened his crossed arms, a wave was unleashed from the “Hole” in the skies that engulfed the entire nation like a massive maw. In a mere instant, the civilians, the soldiers, the entire nation altogether were transfigured into “Despians (actors of tragedy)”.

The “stigmata” that “Maximus” bestowed upon his countrymen were concealed “brands” for them to host until The Day of the Gospel. The “brands” engraved in their bodies opened after the ritual, and became “Holes”.

Despian Comedy
The only thing left clinging to the Holy Relics were the cursed souls of the Holy Maidens. They took a sinister shape as a result of the ritual.

Despian Proskenion

Dramaturge of Despia

Despian Quaeritis
As a result of the ritual, the land known as “Dogmatika” was shattered, and from its foundations a sinister, massive object shaped like a castle surfaced. And so, from the form of “White Knight of Dogmatika” taken by the holy relic, a beautiful yet terrifying monster crept out. Shivering with delight, “Maximus” absorbed the power of darkness onto himself and became “Dramaturge”. Finally, the frontlines where “Shuraig” and his allies fought to the death against the Knights of Holy Teachings collapsed under the frenetic attack from the “Despians”.
A young boy was admiring the frenzy brought upon “Dogmatika” from the skies, almost as if he was watching a theater play. After seemingly enjoying the view for a while, the boy turned himself into a jester dragon and decided to enter the tragic stage himself.

The Jester of Despia

Branded in Red

Masquerade the Blazing Dragon
Much like the boy rescued by “Ecclesia”, the “Jester” could turn himself into a dragon. His true character is concealed under a mask.

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The Influence of the Gospel
The Fierce Battle at the Great Sand Sea

Albion the Branded Dragon

Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda
As a result of the ritual, an unprecedentedly massive “Hole” was opened and the energy released from it reached even the distant “Great Sand Sea”. Then, the ruler of the “Great Sand Sea” that feeds on “Holes” and hosts them in its body, “Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda”, rampaged as a result of the influence of this energy. Furthermore, whether by chance or necessity, the boy caught in the after-effects of the wave transformed into the red hot dragon “Albion”, engaging in a rampage, dragging in even his allies.

A Reunion to Solve the Predicament
The Intrusion of the Swordsoul Masters

Amidst “Ecclesia”‘s predicament, a single thunder roared as if tearing the heavens apart, knocking out “Golgonda”. The ones appearing in front of the cheering “Springans” were none other than the former Knights of Holy Teachings “Theo” and “Adin”, as well as the former holy maiden “Fleurdelis”. Sensing the secret intentions of “Maximus” and under persistent attacks from the religious disciples that caused them to sustain heavy wounds, they found a method to seal their “stigmata” and came rushing in to the rescue.

Judgment of the Branded

Springans Interluder

The Golden Swordsoul

The Iris Swordsoul
“Fleurdelis” after learning of “Ecclesia”‘s exile, parting ways from “Dogmatika” and sealing her “stigmata.”

The Bonds Cultivated by the Two of Them
Albaz and the Holy Maiden in White

After “Albion” knocked out “Golgonda” and kept rampaging, “Ecclesia” faced him and slowly walked towards him, step by step. There was no trepidation in her heart, only feelings of trust in the boy that stood in front of her. By hearing the name “Ecclesia” gave him being called, “Albaz” regained himself. The many memories obtained through this long journey solidified the bonds between the two of them.

The Traveled Path Gives Birth to Bonds

Ecclesia the Exiled

Albaz the Shrouded
The two of them after traveling their path, being chased by the “Dogmatika”, and finally arriving to the “Great Sand Sea”. “Ecclesia” gifted the boy, who had forgotten even his own name, the name “Albaz”, meaning “white”.

Branded Bond

Albion the Shrouded Dragon
Regained consciousness by the power of bonds
“Fleurdelis” informed them of “Maximus”‘ crimes, and about returning to their homeland of “Dogmatika” to stop him. On the other hand, “Albaz” and “Ecclesia” learned that the “stigmata” were cursed “brands” and resolved to take on a new trip in order to seal the “brands”. They headed to the sacred summit where the people who helped “Fleurdelis” and the others awaited for them.

Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous

Branded in High Spirits
The pair takes flight, taking with them the new equipment provided by “Kitt” and the “Hammer Rockey-chan” containing the feelings of the “Springans”.

Secret Image

Dramaturge of Despia:
Full art:

Right: “Spear”
Bottom: “Headdress on the back”

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The Sacred Land where the Pair Arrived
The Great Sacred Summit in the Mist

Leaving behind “The Great Sand Sea”, “Ecclesia” rides on the back of “Albaz”, who turned into a dragon, and headed towards the direction pointed to them. However, their path was suddenly covered completely by mist. Despite being unable to see what was ahead of them, they continued their flight, until an otherworldly collection of mountains of indescribable beauty appeared.

Swordsoul Sacred Summit
The “Great Sacred Summit” appearing in front of their eyes is a sacred land where only a few chosen ones are allowed to arrive.

The Encounter with the “Swordsoul Masters”
The Guardians of the Sacred Summit

As the pair arrived at the “Great Sacred Summit”, they encountered none other than the “Swordsoul Masters”: The Guardians of the Sacred Summit with the bodies of mythical beasts and carrying shining swords. Their clan inherited a technique that lets them channel a type of energy that only exists in the Great Summit called “Icejade” into swords by projecting the “aspect” of their own souls.

Swordsoul Grandmaster – Chixiao
The brave general of the “Swordsoul Masters” with a blade of light and heat that can split anything in two.

Swordsoul of Taia
A “Swordsoul Master” with a blade as white and honest as if reflecting his own heart.
“Albaz” and “Ecclesia” were led in front of the leader of the “Swordsoul Masters”, “Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign – Chengying”, who judged their true nature using the “Swordsoul Horn” of “Swordsoul Auspice Chunjun”, which can discern good from evil, and then granted them entry to the mysterious depths of the Sacred Summit.

Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign – Chengying
The leader, who brought back peace to the Sacred Summit during hostile times and who guards the power of the “Icejade”.

Swordsoul Auspice Chunjun

Swordsoul Assessment
An “Auspicious Beast” that inhabits the Sacred Summit. It has a “Swordsoul Horn” that can discern good and evil in others, extracting the very essence at the bottom of their hearts.

The inner area of the “Sacred Summit”
Mother Enion Cradle

After earning the permission from “Chengying”, the pair heads towards the the center area, and as they reach the deepest part of the summit, a breathtakingly beautiful world of ice and water appeared before their eyes: The mother “Enion Cradle”. What was hidden at the bottom of these waters was none other than the source of “Icejade” energy of this land, which produces the mist that hides the “Great Sacred Summit” from the outside world.

Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle
A sacred land located at the deepest area of the “Great Sacred Summit”. The place where “Icejades” that have fulfilled their role return to.

Icejade Kosmochlor
The affectionate mother of all the “Icejades” and the being that grants power to the “Swordsoul Masters”. However, such role has lasted for too long, and it seems that her power is finally exhausting.

Icejade Aegirine
A manifestation that was born as the “Icejade Empress” of this era. She has a reserved and shy personality, but she loves the “Icejade” land and her friends from the bottom of her heart.
The “Enion Cradle” gave birth to its own small manifestation “Kosmochlor”, who in turn gave birth to the “Icejade” spirits. Furthermore, the “Swordsoul Masters” receive the power of the “Icejade” from “Kosmochlor”, turn it into swords, and protect the Sacred Summit. This is how the “Enion Cradle” has been protected from the outside world for ages.

Swordsoul Emergence
The “Icejades” and “Swordsoul Masters” detected from afar a power that threatened the Sacred Summit, that’s why they decided to welcomed “Ecclesia” and the other outsiders as a key to face this threat. Thanks to the protection of the “Icejades”, their “stigmata” was temporarily prevented from turning into “brands”. However, the “Despia” sneered at that and began their nefarious plan.

Icejade Cradle

Swordsoul Blackout

TL note: Kosmochlor’s Japanese name includes the title of “empress”, which was omitted in its localization. Aegirine is taking this mantle.
End of page 3

The Divergent Black Swordsouls

Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan
“Longyuan” hides his dark desires to rule the Sacred Summit through death and raw power, instead of fulfilling his role as its protector. He falsified his own “aspect” by splitting the black “Swordsoul” channeled from his heart in two, then passing one of them as the sword of “Mo Ye”, an apprentice with a particular ancestry.

Swordsoul of Mo Ye
“Mo Ye” makes frantic efforts, without knowing that her own sword actually belongs to “Longyuan”.

The Invasion of Evil
The Unexpected Encounter of the Disciples

“Dramaturge”, whose power surpassed that of the “Enion Cradle” as a result of the awakening of the “Brands”, discovered the hidden Sacred Summit and sent in the “Despia” forces. At the same time, “Longyuan” stole the “Swordsoul” from “Mo Ye” and attacked the “Enion Cradle”. Unifying both swords, he revealed his true character in the form of “Qixing Longyuan” and tried to take “Kosmochlor”‘s life. “Chengying” rushed into the fight, and together with Kingfisher, a guardian beast born from “Kosmochlor”, began an intense fight against “Qixing Longyuan.”

Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign – Qixing Longyuan

Icejade Erosion

Swordsoul Strife

Icejade Creation Kingfisher
A guardian beast born from using the remaining power of “Kosmochlor.”

Branded Disciple
What is the intention of Aluber, who suddenly appeared in front of the pair, spreading his bright wings?
As a result of “Longyuan”‘s rebellion and the attack from the “Despia”, the Sacred Summit faces its ultimate crisis. Taking advantage of the chaos, the young boy “Aluber”, who emitted an aura exactly like that of “Albaz” even while wearing a mask, appeared in front of “Albaz” and “Ecclesia.” She perceived an extraordinary presence, but in order to save the “Icejades” that granted them a favor, they made every effort along with the “Swordsoul Masters” to stop the violent attack of the “Despia.”

Branded Lost

Lubellion the Searing Dragon
“Aluber”, who freely controls the power of the “Hole”, bound down “Albaz”, stole his power to turn into a dragon and turned into “Lubellion”, a dragon with the power of ancient, divine flames. Then he attacked “Chengying” and “Kosmochlor”, who were fighting “Qixing Longyuan”, and burnt them to ashes.
Despite losing his power to turn into a dragon, “Albaz” refuses to give up. Sensing this, “Kosmochlor” and “Chengying” unleashed the last remains of their power to awaken the “Swordsoul” power in “Albaz.” “Albaz” transformed into “Mirrorjade”, a dragon of swords that wields both ice and fire, and with its countless iceblades he repelled “Qixing Longyuan.”

Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon

Icejade Curse
After so many battles and exhausting its power to awaken “Mirrorjade”, “Kosmochlor” crumbles away in front of “Aegirine.”

Branded Fusion
“Mirrorjade” and “Lubellion” clash with each other, unleashing opposite powers. As a result of this clash, a dreadful force field appeared, unifying both dragons as they fought. Then, a single mass like a sun rose from the bottom of the Sacred Summit to the distant skies, and from inside of it, one new dragon appeared.

Branded Loss

Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon

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Facing the Main Culprit
Branded Retribution

At the time “Albaz” and “Ecclesia” were involved in the mayhem of the Sacred Summit, “Fleurdelis” and the others arrive at the land that once was “Dogmatika.” The party, astonished by the complete transfiguration of the people they were supposed to protect, moved forward towards the area where the influence of the “Hole” was the strongest, pushed by anger and a sense of duty. And then, “Fleurdelis” and the others faced the main culprit, “Dramaturge.” “Fleurdelis”, closing in on the former supreme leader who had a twisted smile on his face, gathered the power of the “Swordsoul” she now possessed and unleashed a single stroke on him, or so it seemed…


Branded Retribution
The Holy Maiden Falls in Despair
The Foolish Performers
As a result of the power of the ritual brought about by the young boy, “The First Holy Maiden, Quem” gained a temporary body. And then, the “Brands” of the 663 Holy Maidens since the foundation of the nation of “Dogmatika”, taken in by the Holy Relics and now drenched in despair. The remaining two will soon become nourishment as delightful as their deep affection. All of these events are no more than the tragicomedy unfolding in a stage known as the palm of a hand, and no more than the prologue of the ad libitum that is about to begin. The story of the young boy and the young girl, challenged by an inescapable fate, is about to take even more sudden twists and turns.

Branded Banishment
What “Fleurdelis” struck down was actually “Quaeretis”, who changed its form through the miracles of Quem.

White Relic of Dogmatika
A young girl that was appointed as the Holy Maiden after “Ecclesia”, she was exposed to the ritual.

“Ecclesia” extends her hand towards the captured “Fleurdelis.”
Secret Image

Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign – Qixing Longyuan

Icejade Creation Kingfisher
20 meters tall (65.6 feet)
Top: “Something is growing in the areas where the watery parts are sparse”
Right: “The shape of the wings should look like its constantly changing”
Bottom Right: “Front”
Center Bottom: “2 of these” (of the bright green horn-like parts, as it can be seen in the actual card art or the frontal art)

Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon

Lubellion the Searing Dragon
Clockwise from the top left: “Front”, “Back”, “Draft”, “5 fingers”

End of page 5

Org note: We have previously translated the reference art for Mirrorjade and Qixing Longyuan. The latter one has an additional line in the VBEX2 mentioning that it looks like a dragon walking on two legs.

The Struggle Diary of the “Springans”
Gung ho, Springans! ~The Iron Nation~

The “Springans” are still concerned about “Albaz” and “Ecclesia” long after their departure. “When our cute lil’ bro n’ lil’ sis are havin’ it rough, ain’t no way we won’t bail ’em out!”

Tribe Drive
The bullets from the firearms that the “Tri-Brigade” use have the power to restrain the miracles used by the Knights of Holy Teachings. The “Springans” depart on a journey to find the origin of that power.
Seeking the power to stop the power of the miracles of the Knights of Holy Teachings, the destination is no other than the reproachful yet nostalgic Iron Nation. The party get worked up yelling “Gotta get dat buzzing power dat “Shuraig” n’ his crew used to restrain the “Hole”, n’ if we gotta go to dat nasty Iron Nation and snatch it off their boss’ hands, so be it!”, however…

Springans Kitt
“Ferrijit”‘s little sister becomes a full-fledged member of the “Springans” and joins the fray to unravel the secrets of the power of the Iron Nation.

Therion Discolosseum
The remains of a flying object that flew out of a “Hole” a long time ago, now barely operational.

Endless Engine Argyro System
Used to be an A.I. with the purpose of repairing the “Saucer”(Colosseum). As a result of the influence of the volcanic energy it absorbed, it became a being that now possesses a fighting instinct.
The party arrives to a “(Saucer) Colosseum” powered by volcanic energy. Much like the name says, the spherical honcho is standing atop of a mountain, immersed in fights as usual. “In order to challenge dat jerk, ain’t no other way than to kick the butts of all those knucklehead piles of iron. We countin’ on you, our Captain “Sargas!””
Those “Colosseum” jerks sure were tougher than we thought! “Sargas” was havin’ a though time, but for his henchmen, he’ll keep fighting, as sparks fly in this spectacle of the highest quality. After shredding and throwing left and right every contestant, it’s finally time to challenge the “King!” As they trade blows, his body stained and taking a beatin’, don’t give up, “Sargas!”, stand up again, “Sargas!”

Therion “Bull” Ain

Therion “Reaper” Fum

Therion “King” Regulus
Warriors made out of lumps of iron, born from the “Argyro System”. They steal the power and parts of their defeated enemies to strengthen themselves.

Therion Cross

Secret Image

Therion “King” Regulus

Therion “Reaper” Fum

“Same effect as King’s mane (these are scales)”

Rear parts:


“Saucer-shaped shield”


“Two attacking mechas”

Water jet:

Lower body:

“Its lower body is shaped like a fish’s and it can move around in mid-air”


End of chapter

Org note: We have previously translated the reference art of Regulus here.
Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.

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