[SEVENS] The New Arc’s Antagonists

As hyped up by V Jump.

Asana Mutsuba
The young heir of “Mutsuba Heavy Machinery”, which helped build Goha City. She has the power to rule at the top of Goha 6th Elementary, where the elite gathers.

Galient Tazaki
The advisor of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, who works for Asana. He makes it a point to stretch his sideburns so much they appear like mustaches, in order to not look like an elementary schooler.

Chevelle Kayama
Another student of Goha 6th who moblilizes together with Asana like Galient. He has the capability to understand what the pigeon perching on his shoulder, “Hatrap”, says.

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A man shrouded in darkness. The most reliable hypothesis is that he's a space pilot from another universe, forever marooned by way-less-fun laws of physics. His prodigious talent for reading Sunriseland Runes made him shine during the dreadful "2018 Christmas Incident". As an Italian, he's a fierce opposer to pineapple pizza and ashamed of Italian YGO.