Premium Gold 3: Infinite Gold – Now Available!

Pre Orders have closed and the set is now for sale worldwide, including from us!
Hey everyone, a gentle reminder, Premium Gold 3 is out today in stores in all regions playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. This pack contains new cards from the Asia exclusive special booster pack “Premium Pack 18”, along with popular themes like Kozmo and Burning Abyss in Gold Rare and Gold Secret Rare foiling.

And we’ve managed to add it to our own store. Speaking of our store, we have added shipping options:

In addition to Canada and the USA, YGOrg Store (also known as Storg, or Storganization) will now ship to the following countries:
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, and The Netherlands!

We also have a buylist now, that is done in store credit. Basically people can send us cards for nearly full value store credit, and use that to buy cards from the store, basically like trading, we are interested even in your Common cards you want to rid yourself of.

We still are using Canadian prices on cards, so you should find especially after the conversion rate that we have the cheapest pgl3 cards on the internet.

And for those who want to try out the new cards from Premium Gold 3, they’re up on unofficial simulators, like Dueling Network, where you can play-test them and get a handle on them.

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